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Top 10 Best Baby Beach Tents in 2021

Visiting the beach is an enjoyable experience for any baby. While filled with excitement, it can be a tough place for your little one. The wind, roughness of the sand and the heat of the sun is not good for their delicate skins. You need the best baby beach tent to protect your precious one. The baby sun tent provides shade where they can play, relax, and sleep. Invest in one of the top 10-baby beach tents reviewed by us to find a suitable one for your next family vacation.

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Best Baby Beach Tents

10. MonoBeach Baby Beach Tent

The pop-up shade cabana from MonoBeach makes a perfect baby beach tent. The tent fits up to three people and suitable for small families with a baby. The 50+ UV rating is exceptional and the 2.2 pounds make it weightless to carry in the provided bag. Setting up the cabana is quick with the popup style and includes pegs to keep it secure. There is enough shelter and ventilated well with the mesh window in the back. The roof is high and there is a large opening on the front. An added benefit is you can close the back window and front for privacy.


9. iCorer Beach Cabana

Here we have another fabulous baby beach tent from iCorer. The cabana also has a 50+ UV rating and weighs 2.2 pounds. The tent is large enough for baby and well ventilated. The included six metal stakes and sand pockets ensure that the shelter does not blow away in the wind. You can easily fold it up and place it in a carry bag.


8. MonoBeach Baby Sun Shade

The MonoBeach baby sunshade with a pool section is unique. For little ones aged less than three years, it is perfect for them to cool down. The tent is lightweight at 1.8 pounds and easy to carry. The material is 50+ UV rated and comes with pegs to secure it in the sand. There is a storage pocket with a curtain to close it off. With the mesh, design there is enough airflow but does take a bit of effort to dig in the sand to place the pool.


7. Pacific Play Under The Sea Baby Beach Tent

The Under the Sea baby beach tent is best suited for kids aged 3+. Compared to the previous baby sun tents this one weighs 3 pounds and still lightweight to carry. The cabana is more of a play tent than a beach tent, but with the enclosed bottom and mesh sides, it is ideal to use on the sand. The shelter does not pop up and it does have a zip down front for privacy.


6. Coleman DayTripper Baby Beach Tent

For a quality baby beach tent, the DayTripper from Coleman stands out for all the right reasons. It might not be a baby sun tent but is perfect if you travel with young kids. The fabric of the tent is 50+ UV protected and held down with tent stakes. The cabana is large enough for three people to sit in the shade. The shade shelter has enough ventilation with the windows and the flaps, pop down to block the sun. The bottom is closed and has an added layout flap to extend it for coverage.


5. One Touch Play Cabana Tent

For a small family, the One Touch Play Cabana is a perfect baby beach tent. The inside is roomy and it is easy to set up without weighing too heavy to carry. You can use it with kids aged 36 months and up. The UV rating of the tent is SPF 30+ and it includes a carry bag. A front mesh cover helps to keep the inside cool.


4. Li’l Nursery Baby Beach Tent

The following baby sunshade is suitable for kids aged 6 months to two years. Whether you have an infant, toddler, or younger child it is perfect to use on the beach. The tent weighs 4 pounds and easy to take with you anywhere. A plus is that the cabana is washable and you can pick your preferred color. The enclosed bottoms perfect for small ones to sit and play on and have a 30+ UV rating.


3. Schylling Infant Play Shade

The Schylling baby beach tent has all the safety features you need to keep your baby relaxed on the beach. The play shade is perfect for kids aged a month up to ten years old. With the weightless 2.9-pound design, you can take it anywhere and pops up easily. The tent has a 50+ UV rating, is spacious inside, and comes with tie-down pegs and sand pockets. The bottom is closed and it has enough air vents for the sea breeze.


2. Ropoda EasyGo Beach Umbrella Tent

For the larger family who needs a baby beach tent to sit in the sun look at the EasyGo Umbrella Tent? The shelter fits up to four people inside and comes with a carry bag and tent pegs. The interiors ventilated well and have a large front opening. On the inside is a steel structure and sets up easily.



The next item the KidCo Peapod might not be a baby beach tent, but remains a suitable option. The travel beds designed for children aged one to two years old. The product packs up compact and fits in a suitcase that is great for taking with on vacations abroad. Once removed from the carry bag it pops up for use and made with a lightweight mesh structure. You receive a Micro-Lite sleeping pad included that snaps securely in place with the tent. There is no mention of UV protection so best to use it in moderation while on vacation.


Final Thoughts

If you are planning a trip with the baby to the beach, we hope the top 10 best baby beach tents reviewed here help make your trip an enjoyable one. Your little one can comfortably sit and play in the shade while the hot sun shines and the wind blows. Keeps your infant comfortable as the selection available here is the best you can find.

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