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Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2021 | For The Upcoming Holiday!

The year has flown and the holiday season is approaching quickly. It is nearly time to put up your festive decorations and decorate the tree. However, oh my word, the fake tree has seen its days and looks tattered. Look at the top 10 best artificial Christmas trees reviewed and find one that will last you the next couple of years. Each one on the list has a quality design, and you can see from a small to a large size to fit right into your apartment, office, or home. Why cut off a tree or lug one home if you can have one of these standing all lit up for all to see.

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Best Artificial Christmas Trees In 2021

Top Best Artificial Christmas Trees You Can Consider!

10. Homegear White Xmas Tree

First on the list is the affordable white Christmas tree that weighs 11 pounds. The artificial tree has 700 tips with a realistic look and has plenty of space for your family decorations. The tree stands six foot high and has a 3.29 feet diameter to use indoors and outdoors. The designs durable with the PVC needles and it is flame resistant with a plastic stand.


9. National Artificial Fir Pencil Christmas Tree

Is your living space limited then you will love this Fir Pencil fake tree with a flame resistant layer? The thin design fits into tight spots and measures 30-inches in diameter at the base. Included is a metal stand and with the hinged construction it sets up quickly. You get a five-year warranty with reusable storage box.


8. Goplus Christmas Tree

The next artificial Christmas tree has an eco-friendly construction of PVC material. The tree looks real and has a full anti-crush design. Once you remove the tree from the box, the branches drop to the desired place and closes for storage automatically. The trees decorated with pinecones and berries and even smell like pine.


7. Best Choice Pine Tree

The following pine tree comes with a collapsible design and does not cost a fortune. The artificial Christmas tree will fill up your living room to make it look festive. The tree stands 6 feet tall and comes with a metal base. The product is easy to assemble and has a hinged design. With the 1000 branches, it gives a luscious full display.


6. Best Choice Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

For a natural looking artificial Christmas tree, you can decorate, look at this 7-foot high one from Best Choice. The hinged tree branches you can fluff out with ease to create a natural look. The tree stands secure with a steel base, and you can use it standing indoors or outdoors all year round.


5. North Valley Spruce Tree

Here we have another 7.5-foot tall tree pre-lit with bright lights. The metal construction makes the tree durable to last a long time. The branch tip gives the tree a full-bodies display and is easy to fluff out. The metal stand folds for storage. The branches attached to the middle pole and have a PVC construction. The product is fire-resistant and non-allergenic.


4. North Valley Spruce Tree

Here we have a 9-foot tall artificial Christmas tree with more than 2000 branch tips. The product has four sections for easy set-up with metal-hinged construction with the branches attached to the middle pole. The metal base folds for ease of storage and has a fire-resistant and non-allergenic construction.


3. Pre-Lit Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

The spruce tree looks realistic, stands 7.5 foot tall, and has a full body that fills up any room. You can use it at home or the office with the 1346 tips for decorating. You get the tree pre-lit with over 500 clear lights to give a nice glow. Assembling and disassembling the tee is comfortable with the three metal sections and is easy to store.


2. Balsam Hill Classic Spruce Xmas Tree

The Balsam Hill is a full-bodied artificial Christmas tree and is perfect to stand in your home. The tree has a height of 7.5 foot with the metal base included. The needles on the tree look realistic with the PVC structure and have a light-gray color with a bluish green shine with brown colored branches. The tree decorates easily with the soft and flat needles.


1. Dunhill Fir Tree

Whether you need an artificial Christmas tree for your home or a community hall, this one is on the top of the range. The 12-foot tall tree has an all-metal hinged structure and the branches attached to the middle pole. You can easily fold the tree for storage as it comes in five sections.


Why you should buy artificial Christmas trees?

When it comes to the Artificial Christmas Trees, there are several reasons as to why you should purchase it. Well, we are going to discuss some of the reasons as to why you should purchase this product. Here are the reasons:


There is no doubt that a family deserves the best. Give the family an exciting Christmas in more than one way. Well, the artificial very vibrant. Also the lively season, they also help you in saving money in the long run. Usually, they are a one-time cost. They will be able to pay for themselves after a certain number of holidays. Well, you can go ahead and say goodbye to annual trips to the over-priced tree lots. Also the haphazard tree transportation methods. Most of the Artificial Christmas Trees usually do not have a shipping fee to the destination home for free.


The artificial tree is not only a better option in terms of the budget, but also they are safer than the live trees. There are Artificial Christmas Trees that have flame-resistant materials. They are not usually prone to spontaneous combustion such as the real trees which quickly begin to dry out. The dying, old and dried live trees do also pose a threat to the family ornaments and the decorations. As time gets to pass by, branches on the olive trees do lose strength and they begin to droop. Therefore causing the ornaments to fall and also break. In conclusion, Artificial Christmas Trees are hypoallergenic. This makes sensitive allergies that come from the freshly cut trees a thing of the past.


Apart from being flame resistant, they are durable as well as hypoallergenic. The artificial trees also offer effortless setup, maintenance and also takedown. Setting up this Artificial Christmas Trees is as easy as counting 1,2,3; all that you will be required to do is to go on and attach the three sections to one another. Go ahead and spread the branches and fluff to your own liking. You can be able to enjoy the luxuries of having not to worry over the regular watering and the pine needle upkeep. This comes with the live trees. To make matters even easier, some of the artificial trees are usually pre-lit. Taking them down is as simple as setting them up, disassembling into the smaller sections for highly convenient storage.


Many people usually have worries that by going ahead and choosing an aesthetic tree that their holidays are going to lose the traditional authenticity. Well, the fact of the matter is that the artificial trees are highly likely to be able to live up to the seasonal standards. This is in relation to the average live alternative from this tree a lot. The Artificial Christmas Trees have a design that offers the best experience for many years. They have a proportion that is perfect with the hinged branches. This is to ensure that you never have to deal with the barren or even the patchy spots. They have many needles for the full effect of your desire. If you do want a picture of a perfect tree all season long, then the answer is purchasing Artificial Christmas Trees.

What are artificial Christmas trees?

Artificial Christmas Trees are artificial or even fir tree that is manufactured for the specific purpose of use as a Christmas tree. In the beginning, earliest Artificial Christmas Trees got to be wooden tree-shaped pyramids or even feather trees. Most of the modern trees are composed of PVC but there have also been so many which are available. This includes fiber-optic illuminated Christmas Tree and Aluminum Christmas Tree. The tradition of putting up as well as decorating the Christmas tree is not new. It is an iconic symbol of a Holiday. It has become a focal point in homes when it comes to holiday, specifically Christmas festivities. Usually, it is a virtual activity that has some profound memories. But, there has been changing over materials making it time.

What are they made of?

Most of the modern Artificial Christmas Trees are have PVC as their major raw material but there are also other types which are available. They include aluminum Christmas trees and also Christmas trees that are fiber-optic illuminated. There are also some other trees which have PU (Polyurethane) as their main raw material. PU is light and also durable. The needles which are made from this material have been characterized by the ideal appearance.

PVC is a synthetic polymer which is characterized by resistance to numerous temperatures, solvents, UV radiation, and the atmospheric conditions. One of the most important points to note is the fact that PVC is recyclable. Sturdy Christmas tree needles comes from this material.

Combination of the above two materials does allow the creation of perfect Artificial Christmas Trees. Key to success is proper placement. The branches do have a mixture of needles. The tips that are close to the trunk does have soft needles from the PVC film. Usually, they are long as well as densely distributed. Well, it is such placements that do create a lush appearance. The outer edges of the branches does have PU needle tips. which perfectly does imitate true needles and are very nice to touch.

How is it convenient?

Artificial trees do come in a compact cardboard box that easily fits in most cars. They can even be delivered right to the front door. The artificial Christmas trees also come with a stand that has a particular tee that helps in mitigating risk of a tree leaning or even tipping over. For an added convenience, you can opt for a pre-lit tree to be able to make both the setup as well as cleaning up a time to go much faster. Very many artificial Christmas trees do come pre-lit so that you can skip most time consuming as well as frustrating part of the stringing Christmas lights as well as jump straight into a fun part of decorating the tree.

The living Christmas tree is available in limited sizes, colors, and shapes. The Artificial Christmas trees usually come in a very wide range of shapes, sizes as well as styles, hence ensuring that you are going to find a tree to match the taste. In addition, the Artificial Christmas Trees have frequently matching accessories such as wreaths or garland, available to help in creating a coordinated Christmas tree at home. Unlike the live Christmas trees, the artificial Christmas trees do not need to be watered. Also, they don’t drop pine needles or even sap like the real trees hence you do not have to spend as much time cleaning.

Why are these better than normal Christmas trees?

Safer: The Live Christmas trees have a tendency to dry out and when they are paired with the Christmas lights that do produce heat and can pose a serious fire hazard. The artificial Christmas trees have fire-retardant materials, hence making them a safer option for home. You do, however, need to be highly diligent about not to overload electrical sockets with the Christmas lights. In addition, when the live trees dry out, the branches, they tend to drop off that can cause the ornaments to slip off as well as shatter. The artificial trees hold the shape, therefore, you can rest easy that the favorite ornaments are not going to fall off the branches and then break.

Hypoallergenic: The artificial Christmas trees are not likely to trigger the allergenic responses insensitive family members as well as friends than the live trees, whose branches as well as foliage often house dust and mold.

Low maintenance: Unlike the live Christmas trees, the artificial trees don’t need to be watered. Also, they don’t drop pine needles or even sap, unlike the real trees, hence no need to spend much time cleaning.

Final Thoughts

With the best artificial Christmas tree on the list, you can liven up any office or home. You can purchase them in diverse shapes and sizes to fit into any corner or even make it the center point of the room. Pick your tree today and have a fantastic festive season ahead.

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