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Apple’s Collaboration with Samsung in Making Screens

Apple's Collaboration with Samsung

Displays form an essential part of phones and especially the iPhone. With years, Apple has been on the quest to make their iPhones as slim as possible thus increasing the user’s experience. While there are many technologies in the market, apple’s LCDs have been good. However, with the new technology of OLED panel, Apple has to have the technology from Samsung to accrue the benefits attached to the OLED panel.

While they remain the main competitors in the phone industry, Samsung and Apple have, at one point relied on each other. However, for over nine years they have not due to wars over patents. Yet there is finally Apple’s collaboration with Samsung. While it is not the first time for Apple to acquire technologies from Samsung, this continues to be the largest partnership they have had so far. Here is why new iPhones especially the high end have screens made from Samsung but improved by Apple.

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Do you know why Apple cannot avoid Samsung?

First, Samsung has been able to create a company big enough to produce components way huge than its customers can consume. As such, it accrues the economies of scale. Samsung can produce more parts than its smartphones. As such, big consumers like Apple are their most coveted customers. As much Apple is their biggest rival in the industry they are their only ready customers for the OLED panel.

On their side, Apple is hugely dependable on multiple sources for their parts. However, reliable suppliers carry the day for partnership. Additionally, they require high-quality components supplied in large quantities. Therefore, Samsung becomes the readily available supplier who meets their requirements.

OLED Panels

OLED panels have enabled the iPhone to have a curved screen. The panel is produced by Samsung in large quantities. On the other hand, Samsung is the only company in the world that is in a position to meet Apple’s demand for the OLED panel. Thus a large consumer like Apple has no option but to obtain the OLED panel from them. This will allow Samsung to utilize fully its new semiconductor facility having invested heavily in it.

Furthermore, the OLED panel has enabled Apple to produce thinner as well as lighter phones thus higher demand for their phones. As such the final product after using the Panel on iPhone X is;

With these results, it is ok to conclude that iPhone X is the best smartphone in the market today.


While these displays are the same being used for Samsung phones, Apple improves the displays to make them exceptional. With increased precision display calibration, Apple’s iPhone X display looks no similar to Samsung’s phones made from the same OLED displays. Hence after its optimization, the OLED offers a high tech product for customers. However, if Apple were to use their previous technology, they would not have arrived at this.

Win-win situation


For Apple, iPhones form their backbone in terms of business. As such, with cutting edge technology, they please their customers more. The tech company rakes in huge amounts mainly from iPhones alone. Therefore, as the company heads for the trillion-dollar mark, high-end phones are essentially made from cutting edge technology.

On the other hand, Samsung will rake in vast amounts of revenues up to $4 billion in this partnership. Samsung hugely deals with the component business which accounts for 35 percent of the company’s revenue.

While the two companies continue to be huge rivals in the market place, behind the scenes, they require each other to keep the business growing. The quality panels provided by Samsung offer Apple a chance to produce quality IPhones that are their main products in the market. On the other hand, with increased base for the production of parts, Samsung rakes in vast amounts from Apple. This results in a win-win situation between the two of them.

While you experience the touch of the iPhone X, it has taken Samsung to be involved in the provision of cutting edge technology that you enjoy. While Samsung remains a monopoly in the production of the OLED technology, they remain the leading suppliers of this until other players like LG come into place.

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