Apple Watch vs. Galaxy Watch

Apple Watch vs. Galaxy Watch

Apple Watch vs Galaxy Watch

Apple Watch vs. Galaxy Watch – Something You must know

While smartwatches are a trend nowadays, the top Tech companies continue to fight for the share of the market in order to keep their customers thrilled. While the different companies have developed different versions of the watches, the current versions are also the most prominent ones. As such this review gets into the various features offered by an Apple watch as well as galaxy watch.

Using the latest versions of each, Apple Watch Series 4, as well as Tizen OS-based Galaxy Watch here, is a comparison as well as the contrast of the different features. Certainly, each company tries to incorporate as much as it can thus ensuring maximum satisfaction of its customers.

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The table below indicates the different specs you will find in the two watches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Apple Watch Series 4 GPS
Price Between $330 and $350 Between $399 and $499
Battery Life 4 days 18 hours
Size 42mm, 46mm 40mm, 42mm
Display Size Circular Super AMOLED (360 x 360) Square OLED Retina
Colors Midnight Black, Rose Gold (42mm); Silver (46mm) Silver, Gold, Space Gray (both sizes), stainless
OS Tizen OS 4.0 watchOS 5
Music Storage? Yes, with offline Spotify playlist support Yes, with offline Apple Music playlist support
Water Resistance? Swim-proof Swim-proof
GPS? Yes Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Yes Yes
Mobile Payments Samsung Pay Apple Pay
LTE? LTE connectivity available in a more expensive version ($380-$400) Connectivity available in the LTE Series 4, which is $499
Other Fitness Features Heart rate-based stress-management tool Guided breathing exercises, Apple Heart Study, ECG


The recent price of the newest Apple watch stands at $399 and $499 for the LTE version. However, older versions sale at $279 after a reduction of $50. On the other side, Samsung has maintained the price for the Galaxy watch selling at $330 for the 42mm Bluetooth model and $350 for the 46mm model.



Apple Watch

The two giant techs have different minds; thus the designs of the watches are different. Samsung debuts with a classic circular style while, on the other hand, Apple has gone with the smartphone-on-your-wrist aesthetic model. While Apple offers two sizes 40mm as well as 44mm in the Apple series 4, Samsung offers a 42mm, in addition to 46mm sized watches.


Galaxy Watch

In terms of color, the Galaxy watch offers the 46mm watch in silver only while the 42mm version features black as well as rose gold. On the other hand, the Apple watch offers silver, space gray as well as gold colors in addition to three stainless steel finishes: polished, space black, as well as gold stainless


Both watches offer a touch screen as well as a button that enables operation. For the Apple Watch, it features a Digital Crown pressed to view the app screen, while downward turning helps scroll down a page. Additionally, it features haptic feedback for precise scrolling of lists. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch features a rotating bezel for scrolling. Furthermore, it features a back key on the top as a button in addition to a home key on the bottom.


For Apple, they led to health and fitness sensor tech. As such you get alerts for spiked heart rates. Furthermore, when the heart rate is too low, you get an indication. As such, stories go for the many lives that have been saved by the watch. On the other hand, the Galaxy watch also offers health features in addition to stress management features. Furthermore, the watch features over types of workouts besides being a swim proof. All these features are contained in the Apple watch which carries the day with edge technology.

Battery Life

With the Galaxy Watch, you get up to four days of battery life. However, with cellular activity, there is bound to be a difference. On the other hand, the LTE Apple Watch Series 3 will get you through ab 8-hour workday, but the Bluetooth model carries you through 18 hours of use.

Compatibility with smartphones

The Apple Watch only works with iPhones. That’s the reality with Apple; they create items that are compatible with their products exclusively. However, a look at the Samsung, we see cross-platform compatibility. As such, whether you have an iOS or an Android phone, you are covered. However, you get much more from the Galaxy smartwatch when with an Android than when with an iPhone.



Samsung has opted to stay clinched to the Tizen operating system for its different smartwatches rather than having a Wear OS. While it offers increased performance as well as integration with its Galaxy ones, more is to be done in supporting different apps, more so the popular ones. While they continue to win over more high-quality apps to their side like Strava, the story a few years to come will be different.

On its side, Apple has managed to incorporate tones of different varying high quality on its Apple watch. You get the availability of over 10,000 apps on Apple’s watchOS App Store. However, Samsung also claims to have up to more than 10,000 apps for its Galaxy smartwatch.

Through the different variations of the Galaxy as well as the Apple Watch, one thing remains clear; all are built with the end user’s experience in mind. While there are a lot of similarities, there are also many differences between the watches. Each of the watches features high-end technology in addition to quality. The differences I the watches account for the differences in our tastes as well as options.

The key to note is that compatibility with the Apple watch with the other third-party devices like Android phones is impossible. As such be careful not to be disappointed. In the different sections given above give details on the comparisons as well as contrasts of the Apple Watch vs. Galaxy Watch.

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