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Apple Watch Series 1 | Best Health Tracking Smartwatch

Though you might purchase the original Apple Watch from some retailers or even have it as a second hand, it is important to note that the Apple Watch Series 1 is the one on most sale in most places. Apple Watch Series 1 Review features minor differences with the original Apple Watch hence assuring you of having a perfect fitness as well as a health tracker. As a matter of fact, it is a little speedier than the original Apple Watch through its more powerful internals together with the Bluetooth 4.2 technology. As a result of this, it is compatible with other devices such as iOS and Android. Below is a comprehensive Apple Watch Series 1 Review.

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Review For Apple Watch Series 1

Best Health Tracking Smartwatch!!!


The use of Apple Watch Series 1 is amazing, which is applicable while biking, running, jogging, elliptical, and walking. In addition to this, it has no limitation on where you can use it as it is suitable in both indoor as well as outdoor settings. It comes with the basic features as other smartwatches together with the advanced features which make it be a unique choice from other smartwatches. Below are some of its specs;

Why you should buy this product?

Since the first model of the Apple Watch, there has been a consistent factor which remains to be the same. This is the design of these smartwatches. The main aim of retaining the design falls towards ensuring that customers get the best experience from the smartwatch. Having a squared-off design makes Apple Watch Series 1 stylish and elegant. In addition to this, there is more uniqueness following most design opting for the circular faces. It provides options of 42mm and 38mm which cater for different wrist sizes or also for the preference of the larger or smaller watch faces. Furthermore, its tech inside is of quality catering on the needs of any customer fully.


There is an outstanding satisfaction from most of the customers who have had this amazing smartwatch. It has been the best choice for any person who does not swim for the perfect tracking on its every feature. Apple Watch Series 1 has a customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 in Amazon, which is from the 279 customers who have purchased it and had an experience with it. As a result of this, you are sure not to fall a victim of wrong descriptions, as you can be sure it works fully well.

In conclusion, there are many things you will enjoy from the use of Apple Watch Series 1 as your fitness or health tracker. First, it features sizes suitable for different hand size, perfect for goal setting, connects with the iPhone hence provides notifications on texts and calls, setting reminders through Siri and its high speed. With this, therefore, it is a great choice you will have if you are looking for the best from it. Moreover, it is highly durable from the aluminum case used, which is also of a lightweight. Have it today to ensure that you get your ultimate solution to the fitness and health tracker you need.

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