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Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 15-inch 2018

The Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a thin, digital laptop from the Apple manufacturers. MacBook was first released from Apple in 2008. This laptop is a reversed version released from the company ten years later. As expected, the laptop is now more digital and uses more interesting technology. Apple improves its technology every now and then. Therefore, the MacBook Pro delivers an excellent performance.

This article will go into details about the 15-inch MacBook Pro the 2018 version. It will explain its design, features and most importantly its performance. For more details, make sure you read through the entire piece.

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Review For Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 15-inch 2018

Thinnest Apple Macbook Pro You Can Buy!!


Like all its predecessors, this 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro is lightweight and thin. In other words, the physical appearance of the MacBook Pro laptops released by the Apple Company is almost the same. The laptop is an aluminum-made beast with a slim construction. Space gray and silver finish delivers an elegant look. Other than that, the tapered edges add up to the elegance. Unlike other laptops from other companies such as Huawei, this type from Apple features a thicker bezel around its screen. Its web camera is on the top bezel for easy and amazing angles when it comes to taking pictures and videos.

Apple Company is known worldly for producing lightweight laptops with interesting technology. With Apple, things become bigger and better with time. The MacBook Pro 15 inch weighs up to 4 pounds and measures 13.8 by 9.5 by 0.6 inches which is a manageable load. Its lightweight feature makes it very friendly to use for all its customers.

Expansion and Connection

The connection and expansion of a laptop is a specification you must consider. This Apple MacBook Pro laptop features Thunderbolt three ports. Its flipside features easy to use ports with high-speed operation. To ease your operation, the laptop allows you to connect two 4K monitors at a time.

With the high speed and easy connection, the Apple Company promises a brighter and better future for their customers. The 2018 MacBook Pro laptop guarantee the users a new level of excellence.


Since the release of the Apple MacBook over ten years ago, a lot of customers did not like the display. Many thought that Apple Company would do better than that. With this 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch, things are great when it comes to the display. Its display is like nothing we have seen before.

The images are bright and clear. These laptops feature the ultimate Apple technology, Apple TrueTone Technology. According to technology experts, this technology uses the multichannel sensor technique to adjust the color intensity. The Retina display delivers a warm color balance that brings out the best in these laptops.

The display is beyond the premium laptop average. Its spectrum runs up to 117% which is slightly higher than the standard laptop average. For the brightness, it is adjustable and runs up to 354 units. This brightness retains the color balance for different viewing angles.

Touchpad and Keyboard

Different manufacturers have had trouble bringing out the best keyboard and touchpad for their customers. The truth is even the 15 inch MacBook Pro predecessors had some keyboard issues. However, this 2018 version seems to have a better keyboard and touchpad.

This keyboard is a quieter and more reliable version. Each key features an underneath membrane which keeps off the debris and prevents stuck keys. In addition to that, these keys deliver maximum comfort to the users. For easy operation, it also features a friendly touchpad which is easy to use. With the help of your two fingers, you can easily drag and drop.


When it comes to music lovers, probably they will love and appreciate these Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop (2018 version). The manufacturers feature powerful internal speakers which are strong enough to serve an entire conference room. The speakers are like nothing you have seen before since they are clear, accurate and loud.


Speed is an important part of any modern laptop. When it comes to these Apple MacBook Pro laptops, they are wildly fast. It features a powerful CPU, Intel Core i9 8950HK that combines with a 32GB RAM to deliver fast and reliable performance.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, Apple MacBook Laptops are popularly known for their long-lasting batteries. The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Laptop is not different. Actually, it is even better. With a full charge battery, the laptop can serve you all day long. To make the most out of the battery life, it is advisable to enable the energy saver on the System settings.


This MacBook Pro laptop experiences a little warming after a long period of use. Its high speed and lightweight construction make it prone to a little heating. However, you don’t have to worry since crucial parts such as the touchpad maintain its coolness. Consequently, you can comfortably use the laptop without any kind of discomfort.

Graphics and Gaming

When it comes to the gaming and graphics department, the MacBook Pro laptop is not as good as expected. Its graphics performance has 106.22 frames per second score which are a bit lower than over laptops which have a great scoring of up to 118.13 frames per second. Its gaming graphics runs up to 83 fps which is a bit low.

Hence, the details above explain all the important facts about this Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar laptop that a customer should know before deciding whether it is a wise choice and the best laptop to purchase. This article highlights all the important specifications about this Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (2018) version.

Its design is friendly and elegant which makes it eye-catching to all to come across it. The keyboard is better with the less-noise technology for maximum comfort. When it comes to speed, this laptop is wildly fast. It is nothing you have experienced with any other laptops from Apple and other manufacturers. Its display is one of a kind since it brings out natural and bright images. The MacBook is a lightweight and thin laptop that eases its use and portability.

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