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Apple company is one of the few companies that have hit the headlines for all the right reasons. It has become the very first company to have a trillion-dollar market capitalization. Not even the likes of Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft, despite being a great tech company, have hit that mark. However, it did not happen overnight. How did they go about? What has the journey been like rising to the top? There is only one way to find out. All you have to do is to keep reading.

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What is Apple?

The truth is that very few people don’t know about Apple. It is mostly famous because it is the manufacturer of the iPhone. However, that’s not all that it offers. It is also the producer of smart speakers, wireless earbuds, digital media players, smartwatches, portable media players, personal computers, laptops, and tablets. In addition to that, it offers online services such as iTunes Store and iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Store, among others. It is the producer of computer software, including macOS and iOS. It is among the Big Four tech companies, and the other three are Google, Facebook, and Amazon. On top of that, going forward, it will be known as America’s First Trillion-Dollar company. It is under the leadership of an able CEO by the name Tim Cook.

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About Apple Becoming America’s First Trillion-Dollar Company

Apple became a Trillion-Dollar company through market capitalization. The combination of a vast capital returns program, and large iPhone sales are the reason behind the same.

The actual moment when Apple: First Trillion-Dollar Company became a reality was when its share price became $207.05. As soon as that happened, its valuation became $1,000,000,000,000. Even from the look of it, its value is substantial. The ascent on price was after recording great returns for that quarter. The company had managed to sell an average of 41.3 million iPhones at a price of around $724 each.

In 2017, on 3rd November, the company was worth $900 billion. As at that moment, it was also the first company to hit that mark. It is a great improvement, no doubt. So, Tim Cook has a reason to celebrate his leadership.

Is Apple the only Trillion-Dollar Company?

As far as America is concerned, the answer is a resounding yes. However, others beat the mark long before they did. A good example is PetroChina. The Chinese oil company became a Trillion-Dollar company in 2007. However, it has listed its valuation by 80%, registering its value as approximately $200 billion. Although not yet public, there is also a Saudi oil giant by the name Aramco worth $2 trillion.

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Clearly, the Apple: First Trillion-Dollar Company is a journey. According to the CEO, they don’t see it as an achievement but rather a process. Will it stay on top and pass the test of time? Let’s hope so. After all, it not only makes a lot of money but also pays its shareholders quite well.

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