What is Apple AirTag ?

Apple Airtag

There are numerous products similar to Apple AirTag on the market. They include Adero, Tile, among others. The Apple version works best with Apple devices.

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How does Apple AirTag Work?

The Apple AirTags feature inbuilt chips. The chips allow them to connect to the iPhone. This connection hence helps to relay the position of the device attached. Also, the tech enables users to track the location of their tags on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This feature can help locate missing Apple devices.

What Does AirTag Look Like?

The Apple AirTags are circular, white, and small tags. This description bases on the images found in iOS 13. The AirTags also features the Apple company logo on the front. The AirTags can attach to the items through adhesive methods. They can apply a ring-like attachment point. This factor means there will be numerous ways to use them on various devices.

How Will Items with Apple AirTags Work?

The Apple AirTags will pop up in the new items tab. The tab is available in the Find My App phase in the Apple devices. Once you install the Apple AirTags on Find My App, you shall be able to locate any device you want, any time. In a case where you wish to locate a lost iPad or iPhone, it will appear on the map and provide the address of its location.

What Will Happen On Losing Items With Apple AirTags?

The code found on iOS 13 indicates that you will receive a notification on your iPhone whenever you lose a device that has Apple AirTags. You can tap on a button available in the Find My App tab. This feature will trigger a loud chime on the lost item. Therefore, you can locate closer devices.

A recent review of the Apple AirTags indicates that augmented reality shall play a significant role in the process of tracking lost devices. The Find My App tab features the ARKIT option. This option allows users to use augmented reality to locate closer items. The Apple balloon asset, you shall be able to find the device lost visually.

Will The Apple AirTags Work On Long Distance Items?

The Apple AirTags features the Lost Mode, which applies for the items that are not nearby. In such a case, whenever other iPhone users are near the lost item, they shall access your contact info. This way, they can send you a text message or a phone call to tell you about the item’s location.

Most importantly, the users of Apple AirTags receive a notification any time iPhone passes near the lost item. This feature allows any iPhone to detect the lost item as a part of the iOS 13. The privilege to locate lost Apple phones via Bluetooth works best with the Apple AirTags. Above all, the users can choose their safe locations, such as the home. This way, there is no notification sent should you leave the phone behind.

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