Can We Stay Anonymous On Twitter?

Stay Anonymous On Twitter

Twitter needs handlers to have an account to send tweets, so all the posts must stay linked together. Most of the twitter handlers like using personal names but some of them use anonymous names on twitter. Other twitter handlers love using a particular name and then change the name after a few days. Change of name is easy through a few settings; nevertheless, you can expressively limit your personally identifying information, making you successfully anonymous from other twitter handlers. Keep in mind, however, that Twitter itself through the management could identify you with techniques in the modern world such as IP address tracking if required through a court order.

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How to create an anonymous account

If you have an existing account with the username and other details are personal information, you should open another account for anonymous tweets. Select a username that you have not used elsewhere in social media or the society, and that doesn’t include either your actual name or your standard online names. Many users on Twitter will not understand any connection between you and the new account you have created unless you share that information with your close alias or with the information on the actual twitter handle. For those who do not want to create other accounts, they can change the settings on the phone. Anonymous accounts help people hide their actual names and be free to deal with emerging issues in society.

How to change the privacy of the twitter handle and create an anonymous account

Twitter has three settings relevant that will help you create an unknown for your twitter handle account. Go to the twitter handle and select, security and privacy tab, uncheck. Add a location to my Tweets” to stop Twitter from recording your real-world location. Press, “Delete all location information to erase this info from any tweets you have already made. Uncheck the “Let others find me by my email address” box to disassociate your account from your email account publicly — it will still know your email, but other users cannot find you with it. Finally, if you have a phone tied to your account, open the “Mobile” settings tab and uncheck “Let others find me by my phone number. After having an anonymous report, one can change it to the organization’s name and needs. These accounts are familiar to people who love rebuking certain behaviors in society, and they do not want their close friends to identify them.

Twitter has emerged to be the fastest means to deliver information to the society. One twitter can reach more than one million followers in the world; this has made it famous than many other social media in the world. Anonymous accounts have enabled most of the people to inform the government about information in the society that is not correct, even if it is their close alias dealing with it. On the other hand, the anonymous account has enabled most of the people to increase hate speech because it is hard to identify them. These accounts have both the advantage and disadvantage in society, and if people do not control them, they become dangerous in the country.

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