Should You Switch From An iPhone to An Android

Should I switch to an Android phone? This question lingers on everyone’s mind when they think of having a chance. While one could have been locked in the iPhone world, they might be oblivious of the world beyond what they are used to, iPhones. iPhones offer good phones to use. But do they compare measure up to their counterparts the Android phone?

Here is a review of reasons that could otherwise lure you into shifting from using an iPhone to using an Android phone. While many may be hesitant in shifting, information is critical in attempts to shift. Thus with this information keeps you informed when you want to shift.

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More functional apps

Android Apps

To start with, you get a lot of functional apps freely that make your life easier. For instance, the true caller family at no cost whatsoever. The huge number of applications regarding what you need is available for you freely. While comparing this with the iOS platform, you will have to spend money to get most of these services. Besides, the variety of apps accessed even at a cost feature a limited number. Why pay while you can get for free? Don’t every of your coin count? Therefore, Android phones offer you huge possibilities when it comes to the apps that you can use.

With increased third-party cooperation in the development of different applications, the Android phones are availed with various applications used for different purposes.

Lower cost of ownership

Android Store

Secondly, who do not know how expensive an iPhone can be? Any iPhone produced costs you a fortune. However, in the world of androids, with less than around $150 you scooped a phone that offers extreme properties you can never wish off. Why have to pay the ‘Apple tax’? With half the price of any iPhone, you can get an Android phone with features that are near the high-end iPhone products. On the other hand, while there are pretty expensive flagship Android phones, immediately after launching, their prices drastically fall to where everyone can afford. Your hard money is useful in other areas other than having to spend on an item you would have purchased at half the price but get value for the money paid.

On the other hand, not everyone has easily disposable money at their disposal. As such, spending mostly limits to necessities rather than luxuries.

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Innovative hardware features

The Android market has seen an increase in the number of players. This has created massive competition among the players. As a result, this has spurred innovation to gain a competitive edge of the other companies. Companies have hugely invested amounts of money in developing their do while, on the other hand, Google has stayed on top of the game in improving the Android OS. This collaboration has yielded different cutting edge technologies like IR blasters as well as Front-facing stereo speakers.

While Apple competes with itself, little or no motivation is inherent to diversify their innovations widely enough to cover every aspect of the human being. As such, their innovations are limited to a small field that surrounds what they are best at.

Tight Google Integration

Google on Android phone

Google has learned how to make money out of Apple. Google sells every of its technology to Apple. However, to the android user, Google services are free in addition to being limitless. On its side, Apple makes money while selling hardware; however, Google makes money in selling applications.

For instance, voice commands like translating ¿Cómo estás? to English are easy on an Android phone by just saying “Okay, Google” and then repeating gives you the answer. On the other instance, maybe you want to send a WhatsApp message to your friend using voice – which is possible while using “Okay, Google.” However, this kind of stuff features not on Apple’s platform thus locking them out of these technologies that make life enjoyable. While Apple’s products are not compatible with third-party apps, this potentially locks them out from obtaining some of these services, for example, Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. There is a Google app for iOS; it’s just an app and not a part of the OS like on Android.

While each of the OS platforms has different advantages as well as disadvantages, shifting from an iPhone to an android bring along huge benefits. As such, don’t hesitate anymore while you feel about joining a different world altogether. The advantages offered are luring enough for you to shift from using an iPhone to using an Android Phone.

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