Should You Switch from an Android to An iPhone

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If you are an android user, more often than not, you have wondered about the possibility of changing from an android phone to an iPhone. Whether its pressure from your friends or the lure form the stories you hear as well as read of iPhone. Getting to decide whether to switch from Android to an iPhone is often going into unknown territory.

While many may be hesitant in shifting, information is critical in attempts to move. Here is why you must know immediately change to using the iPhone. Being familiar with what this world is vital. While having an android is good, here is what is different in having an Android with you.

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Things you gain with iOS

1) Timely OS Updates, and Updates to Older Devices

iPhone Software Update

Among the most merits of using an iPhone is that the Apple Company will make the handset as well as timely software updates. Updates optimize your phone to conform to the different needs as feedback from customers is gained. For instant, in just four days, the iOS 9 update hit 50 percent of all devices. On the contrary in over ten months, Android Lollipop hit a low of 21 percent which was crossed by iOS 9 in just 48 hours.

While Android phone makers usually assure of only one major Android update for each handset they sell, a look at the iPhones amazes you. For instance, the 2011 iPhone 4s underwent four major iOS updates since its launch. As such, an iPhone 4s used today features the latest version of iOS. On their side, android phones do not have any frequent updates. These updates offer the user new features as if the phone was new. Notably, the security updates which fix any shortcomings of previously installed versions form the major part for updates.

2) Negligible Fragmentation


The second advantage you get in shifting to an iPhone is negligible fragmentation. As seen earlier, Apple makes the iPhones as well as the software. As such, there is continuity in what iPhones they produce. However, for android phones, manufactures buy the OS from Google. On their side, Google sees a new version of Android release each year. After the manufacturers buying the OS they make their variations before selling to their customers. These include TouchWiz, HTC Sense, MIUI among many others. After a release of a new update the following year, the phone manufactures having old handsets installed with new versions of the software is daunting as well as costly, so they never update the OS. This results in many android phones in the market with different versions of the Android OS thus increased fragmentation.

Furthermore, the different manufacturers of Android phones have different UI overlays. For instance, a look at the at TouchWiz on a Note 4 reveals a difference with a Galaxy S6 in addition to separate timelines for updates.

Furthermore, the different Android phones feature different hardware that also contributes to the fragmentation; in addition, it contributes to software fragmentation. These hardware variations include screen sizes as well as display resolutions, processors, as well as different amounts of RAM available to developers.

3) Unmatched Cross-Device Syncing if You Use Other Apple Products

Apple Products

Among the biggest advantages of shifting to an iPhone from an Android is that you get to a world of easy syncing. Through software-hardware integration offered by Apple, owning multiple Apple devices provides a plus to you. With one device, you can continue your tasks in another device easily. While this enables continuity, it also increases mobility effectively. This thriving software ecosystem, for instance, enables you to take phone calls on your computer that come to your phone with no additional software installing. What about the possibility of replying your SMSs on your tablet or continue watching a video you were watching on your tablet on your phone just at the position you were watching at. These endless impossibilities create a luring effect on every android user.

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4) Consistent Hardware Upgrade Cycles

A 2011’s iPhone will have the same software as one is bought today, depending on the different hardware of the phone. Through a series of two to three-year upgrade cycles, you love as well as exhibit loyalty to iPhone once you shift. The assurance of reliable software updates gives you peace. On the other hand, the continuous release of new iPhones every year by Apple assures you of newer versions of the product.

While many fear to shift from an Android to an iPhone, the review gives you the reason for you to change. The many advantages offered by having an iPhone, besides, to show off class, assures you of a beautiful world. Do not have jitters anymore. Shift today and enjoy the different benefits offered by having an iPhone with you.

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