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Amazon Echo Frame

What You Might Have Not Known About Amazon Echo Frame

The Echo Frames are the newest brand of spectacles on the market that have microphones on the angels. They are affordable, and one cannot help leaving them, but tempted to buy the glasses. In September 2019, Amazon brought the Echo Frame spectacles officially to the market.

The frames of these Echo Glasses may look like Snapchat Glass or Google Glass, although they lack AR overlie or camera.


Build quality

Amazon Echo Frame

It has a battery life of 14 hours; if well used, it can last for a day. One can use the glasses to set reminders, control your home from any location, and listen to podcasts, and even making calls.

The Echo Frame glasses appear to be less dorky with sensitive shiny dark frames as compared to other spectacles. The telltale thickness of the glasses tips off the observer of their average outlook. They are all black.

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They have an audio feature that is way far better because it helps to alert one of any danger or just other notifications than dishing hand into the bag, which will, of course, take time. They have a VIP filter that enables you to get information from sources that are useful to you.

Moreover, they have an open-ear technology that conveys the sound to your ears and prevents other people from hearing your message, hence enhancing privacy.

In terms of Echo Frames compatibility, the frames can support Android 8.0 or even more. Unfortunately, the IOS support version is not yet out. The good thing with the Echo Frames is that they can as well use Google Assistant apart from the Alexa feature, just long-press the exterior part of the right temple to activate the Google Assistant.


Amazon Echo Frame

The glasses wear 31grams of weight, much lighter weight as compared to regular spectacles. You can put on the spectacles the whole day without feeling any pressure.

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How to use Alexa in the Echo Frame spectacles

Using Alexa in Echo Frame glasses is the usual thing used in other equipment in the store of Amazon. However, for our case here is different, the Alexa cannot get activated by any standard voice commands. The right template of the spectacles has an underside button that switches on listening.

After the listening is switched on, the issue commands the usual way. Your request will be linked to an application connected to a Smartphone. The right temple is sensitive when one touches it. Just swipe either forward or backward and make responses to notifications you hear, those that do not merge your taste, tap ignore.

As you swipe hence and forth, you might realize that there are some delays since questions and commands are transmitted to the cloud and back. For Alexa to function, the cloud must have internet connectivity since the Frames cannot perform in the absence of network connectivity.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Amazon Echo Frame

  • The spectacles naturally bring Alexa to function
  • They are outstanding glasses braced with styles
  • The spectacles are far way more expensive as compared to Echo Dot glasses
  • They are not yet common in the market.

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The Amazon Echo Frame glasses are unique in how they perform their functions as well as the features. They are highly recommended for use since they are useful, especially when it comes to security matters.

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