Which are the best nail art design ideas for Christmas should I choose? That is a question that you could be asking yourself. Thus, you have found yourself here looking for that answer that will give your head a break. Who are we to disappoint? We know precisely well that it is Christmas and you need to look good. There is something about Christmas that demands glamorously. That is why we are here to help you get to know the nail art design ideas for Christmas.

Sometimes when I am stranded in a shop or a mall, something crosses my mind. How natural could the world be if the monopoly was upheld in almost everything? Then I start wishing for a ‘revelation.’ Lucky for you, that will not be a problem you will have to deal with.

We have made your range of choice small. It has been lowered to just ten, and there are not only a considerable number to consider but also the top best. Based on the quality, user satisfaction, and incredible features there is a list. It consists of the Top 10 best nail art design ideas for Christmas. It will help you understand their differences and eventually settle for what suits you best.

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Amazing Nail Art Design Ideas for Christmas

9. 30 Colors Multicolor Mixed Colors Rolls Striping Tape Line Nail Art Decoration Sticker DIY Nail Tip

30Pcs Mixed Colors Rolls Striping Tape Line Nail Art Tips Decoration Sticker from Y2B

The product is what you need to design various styles on your nails. They are 30 pieces of roles of stripping tape intended to ensure that you efficiently make line art designs on your nails.

How To Use
  1. First, put two coats of a dark colored nail polish, UV gel or acrylic nail on your nails.
  2. Place a piece of scotch tape after the nail polish has dried to ensure that you achieve a clean dividing line.
  3. Paint the lower part of the nail.
  4. Remove the scotch tape.
  5. Use a color you prefer of the stripping tape to cover the division line.

The fact that it is self-adhesive and hence no glue is needed makes it interesting. They have provided you with a wide range of colors all in one. The storage has also been made easier as well.

8. Silver Moon Rhinestone Pack of 1200 Crystal Premium Quality

Silver Moon Rhinestone Pack of 1200 Crystal Premium Quality

It is a beauty accessory for women’s nails. It comes in 1200 different shapes and sizes and it is made up small-sized premium high-quality stones.

How To Use
  1. The first thing to do is to clean your nails using both the nail and special nail art cotton rounds from VAGA.
  2. Select the nail polish of your preference and place it on your nails gently.
  3. Now you can start expressing creativeness by creating fantastic nail designs.
  4. Nail strips are highly recommended for enhancing the general look.

The gems are stunning to ensure that your designs turn out spectacular. There is no limitation on how far you can take your creativity. You can use the 1200 gems of various shapes that come in a wheel to achieve that.

7. PrettyDiva 1g/Box Laser Holographic Nail Powder Rainbow 

PrettyDiva 1g/Box Laser Holographic Nail Powder Rainbow Chrome Nail Powder Manicure Pigment

This product is a jar of holographic nail powder. It comes with two pieces of sponge applicators. They use a well know high-quality powder which is an upgraded version of laser powder.

How To Use
  1. Choose a gel polish and apply one coat on your nails. You can go ahead and solidify it using either a UV or LED lamp until you feel that it is scorched.
  2. Go ahead and apply the PrettyDiva no wipe top coat and cure it.
  3. There is a sponge available. Use it to apply and rub a small amount of powder on your nail.
  4. Ensure that the nail is evenly covered by rubbing it into circular patterns.
  5. Smooth over the powder especially that which has stuck to the nail. Use a finger to do so to remove any leftover powder.
  6. After that, apply a final coat of no wipe top coat and dry it under either UV or LED light.
  7. If it is not perfect, repeat step 3 to 6 until to achieve that which you are looking for.

As long as you cure the no wipe coat in the right manner, you will like the results. With only a UV or LED lamp, PrettyDiva no wipe top coat and a UV gel polish, you achieve chrome nails. There is an available support team. In case of a genuine need for refund or replacement, they will not hesitate.

6. NAILDROBE 4 Pack Christmas Water Slide Nail Art Decal Tattoo Sets

NAILDROBE 4 Pack Christmas Water Slide Nail Art Decal Tattoo Sets

Art is a good thing, but it is not something everyone is right about it. If you fall into the category of non-artistic people, this is a fantastic nail art design idea for Christmas. The total number of decals is 80 but comes in 4 individual packages. Each of the packets, therefore, has 20 stickers.

How To Use

A few seconds are enough to apply them nicely on your nails.

  1. Though not mandatory apply a polish and let it dry.
  2. Go ahead and cut out decals. Keep them in water for 10 seconds.
  3. Make sure that you carefully slide the decal from the paper backing and position it on the nail. Use a tweezer in this case.
  4. As to flatten decal, press it down. Using a soft cloth, gently pat away with extra moisture.
  5. Apply your favorite top coat nicely.

The fact that no more need for painting on design makes it an incredible nail art design idea for Christmas. There are a variety of models which include candy cane, present, reef, ornament, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, ribbon and mistletoe among others. It lasts for weeks and takes seconds to apply. Whether you want to use them on gels, acrylics, natural or fake nails, this is a fantastic nail art design for Christmas.

5. 30pcs Pattern Template Stencil Stickers Set Airbrush Stencils Nail Art Design

BTArtbox 35pcs Pattern Template Stencil Stickers Set Airbrush Stencils Nail Art Design for Fingers & Toes

This type of a nail art idea for Christmas comes in a package of 35 pieces of nail stickers. Those parts are of different styles. As far as they are concerned, you can use them on fingers as well as nails.

How To Use
  1. With the provided 35 templates which have different prices, you can create various styles on the nails quickly.
  2. Chose from the 35 a template of the design you want on your nail.
  3. Neatly apply your nail polish on your nail.
  4. Once the nail polish is dry enough, place the sticker neatly on the nail as you would wish.

At first, it will be hard if you are a beginner. However, once you get used to it, you will never think of any other nail art design idea for Christmas. From the comfort of your house, you get to paint your nails nicely.

4. XICHEN®Starry Sky Stars Nail Art Stickers Tips Wraps Foil Transfer 

XICHEN®Starry Sky Stars Nail Art Stickers Tips Wraps Foil Transfer Adhesive Glitters Acrylic DIY Decoration (24PCS 24 Colors) (4cm*100cm)

The main reason why this product is a fantastic nail art design idea for Christmas is how easy it is to apply and beautify your nails. It comes in 16 designs, and each has dimensions of 4*100 cm.

How To Use
  1. Once you have cut off in suitable sizes the foil design, prepare your nail bed. You can achieve that by removing oils, pushing cuticles as well as shaping.
  2. Apply either glue or nail polish and ensure that it dries completely.
  3. Press the shiny foil side up using your finger to rub it once you put it onto the nailbed. A rubber hook stick would be a better tool to use though even the finger is good to go.
  4. Remove the foil. The style should have stuck on your nail. You can do it over and over again until you get your desired results.
  5. For both protection and a radiant finish, brush a layer of top coat on your nail. Ensure that the adhesive is completely dry before doing that though.

The new black lace models are incredible. As much as it could take a while to get it right, eventually you will like what you see. Once the first time fails, try again and again until you feel that it is the best that you deserve.

3. BornPretty 7Pcs Nail Art Stamp Stamping Plates Christmas Santa

BornPretty 7Pcs Nail Art Stamp Stamping Plates Christmas Santa

BornPretty brand has made a product one would vote for as a fabulous nail art design idea for Christmas. Their team personally designs the images. It is made up of stainless steel that is not only excellent quality but also with a high polish finish.

How To Use
  1. Apply on the regular polish or base coat.
  2. Next, apply the stamping nail polish.
  3. Quickly and forcefully scrape excessive polish from inside to outside.
  4. As soon as you do that, pick up the design by pressing the stamper with a gentle rolling motion.
  5. Stamp the image on your nail. Make sure that it is a rolling motion for the pick of the design.
  6. Repeat all the five steps for each of your nails.
  7. Go ahead and apply top coat.

Why this is a great nail art design idea for Christmas is how they make your nails to not only look elegance but also unique. For both a party and a fashionable look this is an ideal product. DIY and professionals can use comfortably.

2. Christmas Nail Stencils 4 pack

Christmas Nail Stencils 4 pack (Candy Canes, Ribbon Tree, Deer, Gold Merry Snowflake)

Each of the four vinyl sheets in the package differs regarding the number. You receive 12 stencils of candy canes. They put 20 stencils each for deer, ribbon tree as well as gold merry snowflakes

How To Use
  1. Apply nail polish on your nails. Wait until they are completely dry to proceed to the next step.
  2. Push the stencils to the nail lightly using your finger.
  3. Apply nail polish across the tape or stencil. It should be thinned or fresh.
  4. Immediately remove the tape after applying the nail polish and use your fingers to do so.
  5. Once the designs are completely dry, apply a fresh or thinned top coat.

Isn’t it something worth a toast that from the comfort of your home, you get to design your nails? No need for a professional because you can do it correctly well yourself. The nail stencils are made up of vinyl well known for its high quality.

1. BMC Mix Design DIY 3D Silicone Nail Art Decorative Acrylic Cabochon Mold Kit 

BMC Mix Design DIY 3D Silicone Nail Art Decorative Acrylic Cabochon Mold Kit - Set 4, 30pc Kit 1

With this fabulous nail art design ideal for Christmas, you receive 30 piece set. They are of various which makes you have several options from the same package. They are used together with powders or acrylic liquids.

How To Use
  1. Pick a color acrylic powder as well as a liquid acrylic.
  2. Dip a brush into the liquid acrylic and then into the acrylic powder for the scooping of the powder.
  3. Put acrylic into the mold of your choice. Ensure that the pattern is filled.
  4. To fully encompass the mold, use a brush to pat down the acrylic.
  5. The liquid acrylic will then be used to remove the excess mold.
  6. Wait for a few minutes.

You can choose either to have a flexible design. You just need to put in UV light which will see to it that it is hardened. It offers several exciting designs such as Letters, bows, roses, hearts, and candies among others.

There are a lot of nail art designs ideas for Christmas available in the market. That decides what to settle for a little bit difficult. That is while an extensive research has been done to help you have less to choose from and the rank is based on merit.

Before settling for any nail art design, it is good to consider some factors. Are you a professional? If the answer is no, ensure that you don’t settle for a demanding option. Colors, as well as sizes when it comes to fake nails, should also be put into considerations.

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