All You Need to Know about Portable Stove Tops!

portable stove tops

Portable Stove Tops

As a mother, wife or cook, I am pretty sure that you know the importance of having a portable stovetop. Why not, when these portable stove tops serve you maximally in your kitchen. Their comfort, use, and ease of transportation make these portable stove tops necessary to have in your kitchen.

Do you own a kitchen stove top? If yes, you can clearly give the benefits that come with these appliances. If no, the thought of purchase must have crept into your mind. For an easy purchase and use of these portable stove tops, this article will highlight all the important details about these stove tops. Read on for more details.

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What is a Portable stove top?

A stove that is popularly known as a cooker is a kitchen appliance whose main purpose is to cook food. The stove work under direct heat application when cooking. Stoves may use wood, charcoal, electricity or gas for heating.

What is a Portable stovetop? A stove top is the upper part of the stove which is often the cooking area. It is in this place, where pans are placed when cooking. In this case, we are talking about the easy to carry and move around stovetops.

How to Choose the Right Portable stove top?

Cooking is one of the mist-appreciated and important art that we have in the world today. Think of it: managing to make something tasteful and delicious from some vegetables, meat and perhaps some grains. Probably a lot of people never think of it as that rather than a common thing. However, the thought of cooking as an art delights us.

Your kitchen is never complete without a portable stove top. However, different appliances serve you differently. Therefore, it is only just to yourself to get a portable stove top that is worthy of purchasing. We will discuss important specifications that will help you choose a perfect portable stove top for your kitchen.

Is it in a suitable size?

This feature is an important consideration when you are purchasing a portable stove top. Many stove tops range between 30 and 36 inches. For chefs and restauranteurs who make large meals, a large size stovetop is the best choice to get. For your home, you ought to consider the exact size you have at your disposal. In case you are replacing an old stove top, it is advisable to have the exact measurements.

Is the cost of it suitable?

Every time you want to purchase an item, I am sure that you always have a budget. The portable stove tops cost will depend on several facts. For instance, a large stove top will cost more than a small size stovetops. Electric cooktops with multiple features which cost more. However, the induction stove tops are generally expensive.

When it comes to maintenance costs, electric stove tops are the most experience while inductive stove tops will cost the least.

How durable is it?

Everybody loves having a high-quality item that will last long. When it comes to these portable stove tops, things are not different. In general, electric stove tops are the most durable. However, make sure to research the manufacturing company and the reputation it has.

Ease of Cleaning

Easy cleaning should be a priority when it comes to deciding on which portable stove top to purchase. In this category, induction and smooth top stove tops win. Their flat surface ease cleaning.

Make sure it is safe to use!

Your security is also an important consideration when it comes to getting these portable stovetops. In this category, the induction stovetops hold the winning flag. For the gas stovetops, you have to be very careful when handling them.

What about the controls?

A portable stove top will easy to control features that ease your use are the ultimate stove tops to purchase. They guarantee you maximum security and ease of use.

Pros and Cons of Portable stovetops

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to these portable stove tops, things are not different. In this section, we will highlight the benefits and flaws of the different portable stovetops.

Induction Portable Stove Tops


  • They deliver fast and instant heating to your pan.
  • It has a high level of security than other stovetops.
  • It saves on heat energy.
  • Easy to clean.


  • They are pretty much expensive to purchase.

Portable Electric Stovetops


  • It is free of harmful gases.
  • They are less expensive to maintain than gas stovetops.
  • Electric cooktops have multiple features.
  • Adequate heat distribution.


  • Cooking depends on electric energy.
  • It takes a lot of time to cool, hence dangerous.

Safety Tips for Using Portable Stove Tops

As mentioned earlier, your security and that of your family is an important consideration when it comes to dealing with these portable stovetops. In this section, we will highlight the safety tips for making use of portable stovetops.

  • Make sure that the portable stove top has a safety mark. The mark indicates that all the safety requirements have been considered and the product is traceable back to its supplier.
  • Ensure maximum ventilation. In that, make sure that the top and sides have 100% air circulation.
  • Read through the instruction manual to learn more about the necessary dimensions for the pan. Using larger pans can cause an explode or overheat.
  • Use these portable stovetops in a well-ventilated place for maximum air circulation.
  • Switch off the stove everything you are not using it to avoid an accident.
  • When using the portable stovetops, make sure you keep away flammable items and do not leave the stovetop unattended.

How to clean Portable Electric Stove Tops correctly?

In most cases, the burners of the majority of the portable electric stovetops are made to clean themselves. However, some spills are too tough for this method. That’s why you need to learn how to clean portable electric stove tops correctly. Read on to find out.

The first step is to pretreat it using a clean and damp piece of cloth. Ensure that you wring excess moisture before lightly wiping your portable electric stovetops. Clean not only the top but also the sides of all the coiled burners. Feel free to use any cleaning agent, too, including your window cleaner.

For self-cleaning, turn on your burner to its highest possible setting. As a result of the high heat, most of the dirt will burn completely. However, always keep in mind that there might be smoke. Also, don’t touch it with your bare hands because it will be too hot for them.

Last but not least, let your portable electric stove tops cool down and remove them. Upon doing so, scrub them thoroughly. In the process, use baking soda to eliminate the stubborn elements. Then, reassemble your portable electric stove tops, and you are good to go.

There are a variety of portable stovetops in the market today. Therefore, getting a great stovetop is a bit tricky with the different types available in the market today. However, with this piece, you will be certain to settle for something worthy of purchasing.

This piece kicks off by giving a clear and vivid meaning of an electric portable stovetop. For easy purchase, the article Highlights on how the important specifications you need to consider so that you can choose a great product. In the next section, the article highlights the pros and cons of having these portable stovetops. Security is a top priority when cooking. In regards to that, the article also explains the important tips of using portable stovetops.

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