Best All-Terrain Strollers in 2021

For providing your baby quality time outdoors, you need the best all-terrain strollers in 2021 to achieve this. With the pram, you will be able to go anywhere for a walk on the beach, park, or road. The wide wheels offer excellent traction and versatility to use it for pushing the baby around inside and outdoors. One of the most significant benefits is it prevents you from carrying your baby around.

With the all-terrain strollers, three-wheeler or four-wheeler, you can swiftly move from one surface to another without effort. The latest models offer the best shock absorption-making baby feel comfortable while sleeping. The prams fold into smaller sizes for storage and make transportation easier.

Here we have the most elegant collection of all-terrain strollers for you to use on different terrains and the best is the price is affordable.

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Best All-Terrain Strollers

10. Baby Trend Stroller

Baby Trend Stroller

For all-terrain use to give baby fresh air outdoors, you need the Baby Trend stroller that has wider wheels. The front wheel swivels and you can lock it in place to make moving easier. On the front of the Jogger Stroller, you have a tray with two-cup holders with covered storage compartments. The three-wheeler you can use with a car seat and has an adjustable canopy with sunroof ratchet system to block the wind and sun. The handles made of rubber and extra wide for comfortable use. With the trigger fold latch, you can quickly convert it into a compact size for transporting in a car. You can make your little one recline into different positions and has a padded seat for comfort. The safety harness has a five-point system with a tether strap.


  • The front wheels swivel and lock
  • Designed with a parent tray and a covered storage compartment
  • Has a tray for your child with two cup holders and you can place a car seat on it
  • The canopy you can adjust and has a covered sunroof
  • The rubber handles wide and folds easily for storage and transport
  • Can use it in multiple positions
  • The seats padded and the five-point harness is fully adjustable and even has a tether strap
  • Can use is to job with or comfortable walking
  • Available in two colors dark blue and light blue

9. Schwinn Turismo Jogger

Schwinn Turismo Jogger

Here we have another all-terrain stroller the Schwinn Turismo model. The frames aluminum and has a dual folding mechanism to fold it up for storage. The prams recommended for kids aged 6-months, up, and have an open flip tray with two cup holders and a parent tray with grip cup holders. The front wheel locks and the speakers mounted on the canopy works with most MP3 players. You can use a car seat in it as well.


  • Suitable for aged 6-months and up
  • The handle has an aluminum structure with rubber texture
  • Has a dual trigger mechanism for ease of folding
  • Two trays a child one and adult one comprising of two cup holders each
  • The tray flips open, and the front wheels lock
  • Have speakers mounted on the canopy to listen to music
  • Can use the car seat adapter with different car seat brands
  • The front wheel is 12-inches, and the rear wheels are 16-inches
  • Comprised of a lightweight aluminum frame
  • The seat fabrics polyester and has an under seat basket for storing items
  • The canopies retractable and has a viewing window

8. Graco Fastaction Stroller

Graco Fastaction Stroller

Another fantastic all-terrain stroller is the Graco Fastaction Jogger. The three-wheeler has a comfortable seat for baby to sit on. The rear wheel size is 16-inches, and the front wheel size is 11-inches. The pram works excellent with Graco Click Connect car seats and offers you a one-step attachment. The tires made of rubber, air-filled, and suitable for a child weight up to 50 lbs. The pram has a lightweight design only weighing 30-pounds, and the front wheels lock for safety and stability. There is a large canopy to protect your little one from the sun and wind and has a Smartphone cradle. The stroller folds up fast and has a large storage basket to keep essential things on hand.


  • Designed with a large canopy
  • The tires are air-filled offering a smooth ride
  • The front wheel locks and the seats padded
  • At the bottom of the stroller, you have a large storage basket with convenient trays
  • The product folds quickly with the strap on the seat
  • The parent’s tray has a Smartphone cradle and clips your phone securely into place
  • The rear wheels have a 16-inch dimension, and the front ones are 11-inches

7. Evenflo Charleston Jogger

Evenflo Charleston Jogger

With the Evenflo Charleston all-terrain stroller, you get a multi-position recline for your little one. There is a parent window for viewing baby and the armbar you can remove. The footrest you can adjust and has a single touch brake system. The canopy offers full coverage, and you get a large storage basket. The handlebars padded and you can adapt it to a perfect height. The wheels are huge, and pneumatic filled with air and has an all-terrain suspension. The pram folds away easily and suitable to use with any child that can sit up.


  • Has a swivel-lock front wheel and great to stroll or jog with
  • The handlebars padded and adjustable
  • Designed with an all-terrain suspension with large pneumatic tires
  • Has a baby viewing window on the canopy and the arm bars removable
  • The footrests you can adjust to fit with your child and has a touch brake system
  • The stroller folds up easily to 45-inches
  • Your toddler can sit in different recline positions
  • There is a parent cup for you to place your drinks while walking

6. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition has large bicycle tires that work well on all terrains. There is a parent tray with two cup holders to keep your beverages on hand. The front wheel swivels and locks in place for jogging. The seat has comfortable padding and reclines. To make sure your little ones safe it has a five-point harness system with a tether. Underneath the jogger, you have a large basket to keep babies items on hand. The strollers can handle a weight up to 50 lbs, and you can use it with a 42-inch car seat. For a comfortable grip, the handles padded with rubber.


  • Designed with large bike tires
  • Has a convenient child and parent tray with a two cup holder
  • The front wheels swivel and lock into place for jogging
  • The padded seat reclines, and for safety, it has a five-point harness system with a tether
  • There is a canopy to protect your little one from the sun and wind
  • Underneath is a large storage basket
  • The handles covered in soft rubber to protect your hands
  • On the footrest you have reflectors making the stroller visible in the dark
  • The frameworks steel and the covers made of supple material

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5. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger

For a complete travel system, nothing beats the Graco Fastaction all-terrain stroller with infant car seat included. The car seats made for rear facing and suitable for infants weighing up to 35-pounds. The stroller offers you a one-hold fold for storage, and the rubber tires are air filled. The front wheels swivel and lock in place when needed. You can remain active with this pram to jog or do a casual walk.


  • A fantastic crossover stroller made to use on different terrains with the wide wheels
  • The pram weighs 30 pounds, and you can use it with an infant car seat
  • The tires air filled and swivels for ease of movement and you can lock it in place
  • The seatings padded and recline into different positions
  • Has a huge canopy with a convertible three and a five-point harness with a tether
  • Include a Smartphone cradle, parents tray, and child tray
  • Underneath you have a huge basket to place babies essential items

4. Britax B-Free Stroller

Britax B-Free Stroller

With the Britax B-Free pram, you will have no problem with storage space. There are seven pockets with a large storage basket. The canopy keeps baby protected from the sun and wind and expands for ease of use. The rubbers have an all-terrain design, and you can lock them securely into place. The chair reclines into three different positions, and you can quickly fold it up with one hand.


  • The handlebars adjustable and can use it upright for your inquisitive baby
  • The canopy has an expandable zip with view window
  • There are seven pockets with a large basket underneath
  • You can adjust the canopy
  • The tires are made to use on different terrains
  • Folding and placing the pram in storage is easy
  • The seat reclined into different positions and it has a three-wheel configuration

3. BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

For on and off-road strolling, the BOB Revolution FLEX buggy is fantastic to take your little one outdoors. The strollers perfect to use on flat roads and uneven surfaces as the front wheel swivels and locks for stability when jogging. You can adjust the handlebar to nine different positions to suit your height. Your baby can ride in comfort with the adjustable suspensions that adapt to different terrains. You can adjust the seat angle easily for your child to sit in an upright position. Keep all the supplies for baby’s entertainment in the cargo basket and fold it away at the end of the day when done. The pram holds a weight up to 75 pounds and you can use it with an infant car seat when purchasing the car seat adapter. The frames of aluminum alloy and the seats made of poly fabric and coated with repellent.


  • The front wheel swivels and locks for ease of movement
  • The handlebars padded and adjustable to nine different heights
  • The suspensions systems flexible for a smooth ride
  • Works with a two-step fold for storage and transport
  • Can use it with a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter you need to buy separately
  • You can inflate and deflate the tire pressure

2. Veer Premium Stroller

Veer Premium Stroller

The Veer Premium all-terrain stroller offers you the versatility to push or pull it. The wagon folds easily for storage and transport and you can place it upright. The tires have an airless design and the frameworks made of aluminum with a front suspension and braking system. The seat backs vented and has a three-point harness system with expandable footwell. There is a beverage and snack tray and it meets the ASTM safety standards. The jogger stroller is also JPMA certified.


  • You can push or pull the stroller
  • Designed with a lockable handle
  • Has a drink and snack tray
  • There are two vented seats with a three-point harness safety system
  • Can utilize it with a baby car seat when purchasing a separate adapter
  • The strollers ASTM and JPMA certified

1. Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller - all-terrain strollers

Who said, you cannot take both your little ones for a ride outdoors at the same time? The Baby Jogger City Select Lux offers you versatility as it is a double stroller. The two seats hold up to 45 lbs weight each and both have a 5-point seat harness. You can use the seat front, sibling, or parent facing. The pram folds comfortable and has an auto-lock system and folds up with both seats. There are a hand parking brake and decelerating system. All the wheels have suspension and the front wheels swivel and lock. The telescoping handlebar you can adjust to suit your height.


  • Double stroller with a weight load of 45 lbs each seat
  • Designed with a five-point safety harness
  • Can use the seat front, sibling, and parent facing
  • The stroller folds up compact with both seats
  • Has a parking brake and decelerating system you use with your hand
  • All the wheels have suspension and the front wheel swivels and locks
  • The handlebar extends to your height and has a UV-rated canopy with a window
  • Offers multiple reclining positions and has rotating calf support you can adjust
  • There is a storage basket with two seatback pockets
  • The products not suitable to use with infants under 6-months

Final Thoughts

Now you can take the little ones outdoor for a jog or stroll with the top 10 best all-terrain strollers reviewed here. Each buggy brand offers you the versatility to use them on flat surfaces to rough terrains with the wide wheels. Whether you have one child or twins, the prams provide you everything you need to make their ride as comfortable as possible.


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