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What Makes AirPods Pro Special?

Airpods pro

Airpod pro was released in October 2019 by Apple company, and they are an updated version of the previous Airpod and will come with an updated design better sound, noise cancellation technology and are more expensive. They will look just like the normal AirPods but are more superior but will feature a broader front that will accommodate silicone tips that will guarantee your comfort fit. These Airpod pro are also more expensive. Although it was rumoured that these AirPods would come in different colours, they only came in white colour just like the other AirPods. They will come with a built-in transparency mode that you will toggle on and give users a chance to listen to music. Below are the reasons why AirPods pro is special.

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1. Design

AirPods pro will generally have the same design with the original AirPods, but they have some slight differences thanks to the newly added silicone tips feature a design to ensure that these AirPods pros will fit comfortably in your ear. These silicones are available in three sizes and are more comfortable to fit in most ears. They feature a design to conform to the contours of each individual’s ear. AirPods pro will measure 21.88mm and 30.9 mm tall and are more extensive than original AirPods. Since the Airpod pro is wider, their charging case is also wider.

2. Sound quality AirPods

Pro delivers superior quality than the original AirPods since they feature built-in speaker technology and adaptive EQ functionality. The AirPods comes with custom high dynamic range amplifiers that will produce clear, pure sound. Also included are high low distortion speakers that optimize audio quality. The drivers will offer rich bass and high-frequency audio.

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3. Active Noise cancellation AirPods

pro will feature Active noise cancellation technology. The technology leverages two microphones and advanced software algorithm that will adapt the sound to each ear. One microphone will face outward to detect external sound and will allow the Airpod pro to analyze environmental noise.

4. Force sensors.

AirPods pro features force sensors that will support different gestures and will come with a list of options such as press once to play or pause music, news three times to skip back on the track, press once when a call is incoming to answer, and press and hold to switch between two modes that are active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

AirPods pro will come with some nice features that will make them special than the original AirPods. They will come with some nice sounds that will ensure you experience the best sounds while listening to your favourite music. Active noise cancellation features will ensure that you will listen to smooth music that is free from distortion from ambient noise. AirPods Pro is waterproof and sweatproof. Another unique feature with AirPods pro is that they feature force sensors and silicone tips that will ensure these AirPods will fit perfectly on your ear. If you are thinking of upgrading to Airpod pro, don’t hesitate since they will come with added and exciting features that are exciting and nice compared to the original Airpod.

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