Best Airplay Speakers in 2021

Do you live in an Apple-capable universe and depend on your iPhone and Wi-Fi to broadcast media in your home? You need the best airplay speakers making this all possible. With one of these fully balanced audio devices, you can fully exploit your Apple device to its full potential. The speakers packed with outstanding connecting technology for you to listen to music over the air. Not only can you transfer the best music or videos to the speaker you will get a well-balanced audio quality as well. Here we have a list of the top 10 best airplay speakers available. Check them out now and find one that fits in with your budget and lifestyle now.

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Top 10 Best Airplay Speakers

10. Yamaha Music Cast WX010 Apple-Friendly Speaker

Yamaha Music Cast WX010 Apple-Friendly Speaker

For a 2nd-room complement to using with a Yamaha receiver, the Music Cast WX010 offers you a delightful sound in a compact design. Not only does the airplay speaker has good looks but also gives you fantastic sonics. You get loads of connectivity functions with Airplay, stereo pairing, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect. The biggest downside is it has a series of complicated button presses and the app’s not user-friendly. However, if you already have the Yamaha receiver, the speaker compliments it with a delightful sound.


  • The Yamaha WX010 has a compact 5-inch cube design available in two colors black or white
  • Built-in the receiver it has a 3.5-inch woofer with a 1-inch tweeter
  • On the sides of the cube are passive radiators
  • You can pair the speaker with another one in the brand but is a little complex
  • The good news is you do not need to use the Yamaha app and can use Airplay and the Spotify Connect instead to control your music
  • Designed with internet radio and has a two-way crossover channel
  • Can use it wired or wireless and has a max RMS output of 25 watt
  • The transmission range is up to 33-feet

9. Riva Audio Arena

Riva Audio Arena

For the first ever-portable Chromecast speaker you can get the Riva Audio Arena airplay speaker here. You can use the unit to pump music in the bathroom and the pool. You get a decent sound and loads of useful features. One of the many functions that stands out it splash-proof design with device charging and connecting directly to the Wi-Fi. With the well-crafted mids, the vocal sounds well-textured giving you a warm feeling. You can pair two of these speakers together and connects to anything. You can use it with Spotify Connect as well. The biggest downside is you cannot use a standard battery with the unit and need to buy it separately.


  • The Riva Audio has a rectangular design and measures 5-inches wide with a 7.2-inches height and depth of 6.3-inches
  • All the speaker controls found on the top and can be controlled via your mobile devices
  • It works with Airplay, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Spotify
  • Can mount it to a tripod and also has a 3.5mm Aux and USB-A port
  • The battery packs optional and offers you playback up to 20-hours
  • Has a splash-proof design but is not as compact to carry around as other brands available
  • You can charge your mobile devices with the speaker

8. Libratone Zipp Airplay Speaker

Libratone Zipp Airplay Speaker

Do you need an excellent sound at home and on the go? You need the portable Libratone Zipp airplay speaker. The designs modern and it offers you an amazing audio for the compact size. You can connect it to your iOS devices, MAC, or PC. The battery is built-in and rechargeable and you receive the AC adapter included. You can charge your smartphone using the USB port. You get up to 10-hours of playtime with the battery while using a wireless connection.


  • Has a unique and modern design with a zip to replace the wool cover inside
  • Offers you a 360-degree room acoustics and 60-watts power
  • You have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and Android
  • You can pair it up with six Zipps
  • The battery is rechargeable and offers you up to 10-hours and has a convenient handle
  • Works with the intuitive touch-control interface
  • Has a speakerphone and is Amazon Alexa Compatible

7. GGMM E5 Airplay Speaker

GGMM E5 Airplay Speaker

The following airplay speaker the GGMM E5 received an award from IF Product Design in 2017. You can connect the device to your Wi-Fi network to use as an Internet radio. Stream the music directly to the amplifier for pumping sound and connect up to 16 devices. The wireless range is up to 160-feet and supports Amazon Alexa Voice. You can connect it up with ten other speakers. What makes the device stand out is the excellent 15-hour battery use and USB fast charging port. Check out the exceptional speaker with its carry handle here.


  • Has a gorgeous design that looks like the radios of old and has a carry handle
  • You get different connections to use with your device’s Wi-Fi, Auxiliary, and Bluetooth
  • Connect up to 16 devices and pair the speaker with others in the collection
  • The wireless range is up to 160-feet
  • The rated power is 20 watts and has a frequency response of 80-20kHz
  • Music playtime is up to 8-hours with the rechargeable battery when streaming music
  • You get up to 15-hours of battery use with normal music playing
  • Control the sound with the GGMM E Series app
  • Works well with all Apple products and Android devices
  • You receive the AC adapter and a three-year warranty included

6. Bank & Olufsen Beoplay M3

Bank & Olufsen Beoplay M3

For a sleek and multi-room airplay speaker, you need the Bank & Olufsen Beoplay M3 model. The unit fits into any bookshelf and displays well on the bedside table. The speakers an entry-level model and loaded with features. The drivers 3.75-inches and has a 0.75-inch tweeter. The sounds directional and needs proper placing but is capable of giving a fantastic audio sound.


  • Available in two colors natural and black
  • Built-in 3.75-inch driver and has a 0.75-inch tweeter
  • The front speaker covers exchangeable in other colors as well
  • For improving the bass the Beoplay M3 has an aluminum, polymer, and Kvadrat fabric structure
  • Can connect it with other B&O Play speakers and works with AirPlay and other services
  • You can control the sound with the Beoplay App
  • Suitable to use in a mid-sized room and has on-device controls as well

5. Sonos One-Smart Speaker

Sonos One-Smart Speaker

For full-bodied rich sound, you need the Sonos One-Smart airplay speaker. You get the best combination of using Alexa and Sonos and can play music while muting the Alexa. You can wirelessly connect the speaker to other Sonos One models placed everywhere in the house. For instant stereo sound, you can pair two of them in one room and connect it with your TV’s Playbar for the bass sound. The device has two drivers’ built-in and wall mountable as well.


  • Works with Amazon Alexa to control your music with your voice
  • Can use it for listening to songs, control your smart home, and more
  • Works with Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Spotify, and more with the Sonos app
  • Can control your music manually with the swipe feature on top
  • Equipped with six internal microphones
  • Has one midrange driver and one tweeter
  • Connects wireless and also Ethernet
  • Works well with iOS devices and Airplay

4. Bower & Wilkins A5 Airplay Speaker

Bower & Wilkins A5 Airplay Speaker

For stunning sound and easy music streaming from Apples Airplay, you need the A5 from Bower & Wilkins. You can use the speaker with your PC, MAC, and mobile devices. Connect it with other A5 speakers for a Multiroom System and stay in control of the music using your smartphone. The tube tweeters packed into the units offers you high frequencies and even the setup of the speakers easy.


  • Can stream music wirelessly to your iOS devices and PC
  • Control the music with the Bowers & Wilkins Control app
  • You receive a two-year warranty included
  • On the rear panel is a 3.5mm input for a stereo cable and also has an Ethernet connection
  • You receive a remote control as well to use without your smartphone

3. Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin Airplay Speaker

Bower & Wilkins Zeppelin Airplay Speaker

For a completely new experience in wireless audio, you need to listen to the Zeppelin from Bower & Wilkins. You can stream content from Airplay, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth aptX. You can connect it wirelessly with your iOS, Mac, or PC or connect it with other Bluetooth enabled devices. There are multiple inputs available such as Ethernet, Auxiliary, and USB. For the best audio experience, it has double dome tweeters with a midrange and subwoofer built-in.


  • Built with new drive units and has two double dome tweeters, FST technology, two midrange drivers and a 6.5-inch subwoofer
  • Use it connected with Bluetooth aptX, Airplay, and Spotify Connect
  • Control the sound with the Bower & Wilkin control app
  • Include a two-year warranty

2. Naim mu-so QB Airplay Speaker

Naim mu-so QB Airplay Speaker

Compared to the best airplay speakers reviewed here the Naim mu-so QB is a luxurious speaker with the wireless design but has the high price as well. The compact design has several inputs to get your devices connected for streaming content. With the cube structure, it adds flamboyance to any room. On the sides, it has a fabric grille with a glass-like block on the bottom with the control wheel on top. The touch buttons light up and you can control the music from your smartphone. You get an exceptional bass for the small size.


  • Offers you up to 300 watts of power
  • You can connect it with other speakers for multi-room use
  • Connect devices with Bluetooth aptX, Apple Airplay, Spotify and more
  • You can connect it to your home network and offers you plug and play installation
  • Control the music with the Naim app
  • Built inside the chassis is two microfiber dome tweeters
  • The two midrange drivers comprise rare-earth magnets with copper poles
  • You also have two passive bass radiators with a 100W amplifier powering the woofer

1. Devialet Phantom Airplay Speaker

Devialet Phantom Airplay Speaker - Airplay Speakers

For one of the best airplay speakers with a bang and if you can afford it pick the Devialet Phantom. The unit comprises a three-way stereo system and looks similar to a bomb. The product is completely sealed and the drivers made of aluminum and crossover at 250Hz to the mid and tweeter. Built inside the device has a 400-watt amplifier with a 3,000-watt power supply. You control your music with the Phantom Spark app to your iOS and Android devices.


  • Connect the Phantom to your Hi-Fi, home cinema, or smartphone
  • Use it with a wireless connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect
  • Can buy it in different packages as a speaker alone or with a remote and stand
  • The 400-watt amp provides powerful sounds
  • Designed with an aluminum tweeter driver, medium driver, and bass driver
  • The Texas Instruments DAC is replaced with Devialet Analogue Digital Hybrid Technology

Final Thoughts

Who needs the special Apple HomePod if you have the best airplay speakers reviewed here? These Apple-friendly speakers help you to connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wired devices to stream music to your smartphone and other devices. Now you can enjoy a better sound than using the only Bluetooth connection. You can connect with your home network and stream music live directly to your iOS device.


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