Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier | Medical-Grade Air Purifying Device

Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier Review

AirMax8L is a medical-grade air purifying device from Okaysou that operates with AC electricity. It combines 3-stage Ultrafiltration with 2-stage Duo filtration to provide you 99.97% pure air all the time. It works irrespective of the pollutants in your atmosphere, so that you always have clean air to breathe in.

For pet owners who may have members of their family allergic to pet dander, this purifier makes for an ideal way to regularly clean the air for them.

If may also be allergic to pollen. But the wind won’t stop drifting some pollen into your living space. Then you may need a device like the AirMax8L to continually clean out the air for you.

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This air purifier traps dust, smoke, and wildfire gases from your home. It also breaks down harmful gases like ammonia, VOCs, benzene, and hydrogen sulfide.

It is also effective in quickening your relief from troubling respiratory symptoms. At the same time, it prevents new symptoms from developing, and also eliminates bad odor from your environment.

The AirMax8L Air Purifier has unique features that make it an ideal air purifier for your living space. These features are such that they cannot be found in any other 3-stage purifier, and they are explained below.

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What is Really Special About the AirMax8L?


Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier

With dimensions of 12.9 × 7.1 ×19.4 inches, the AirMax8L comes in a fresh white color and is fit for any living space.

It features an advanced turbine motor, 45 simultaneously working vanes, and an inlet area of 14.17 × 9.52 inches. This inlet area allows the purifier to clean up more volumes of air at a time.

Amazingly, this purifier also comes with five years warranty from its manufacturer. US-based users also enjoy a lifetime of support on the product.

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This air purifier combines the efficiency of a 3-stage ultra-filtration system with that of a 2-stage duo system to efficiently clean out the air. Within a room of about 800sq.ft, this purifier is capable of circulating air up to 1.5 times every hour.

It captures pollen, pet hairs, and pet dander. So that even when your pets have their hairs out of control, you can still cuddle them without worries.

And even when surrounding air conditions vary frequently, the AirMax8L still serves its purpose effectively. It operates at three different fan speeds that can be set accordingly.

Premium Characteristics

Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier

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Noiseless Operation

The AirMax8L air purifier is designed with the most advanced SilenceBoost technology. It cleans your home with the least noise (22dB). Also, it automatically shuts off its operation lights once its sleep mode is activated so that you can sleep peacefully.


You also do not have to worry about a malfunction with kids. Once you hold down the child-lock pad for 3s, the control panel gets locked.

Filter Replacement Light

Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier

You don’t need to open the AirMax8L to its filter status. The filter replacement light alerts you when it needs a replacement. And afterward, you can turn off the indicator by pressing the sleep mode pad for 3s.

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What more can you desire within your living space than fresh, uncontaminated air circulated through a compact, long-lasting device? Every pollutant that could possibly keep you from inhaling clean air can be filtered through the AirMax8L.

The AirMax8L air purifier is capable of trapping air pollutants ranging from pollen, mold, and pet dander to VOCs and particles as small as 0.25 microns. Its compact design makes it suitable for use in any location within your space, and it is also energy saving.

This air purifier allows you to set the time accordingly. For a price of only $118.98, you can breathe in fresh, healthy air for time durations of 1 to 8 hours.

Its CADR rating of 210 enables it to breakdown harmful gases like ammonia and formaldehyde to leave your environment clean and healthy. And its filter is also effortless to install and does not need replacement until after about 7 months.

If you’ve got a few hundred dollars to spare for fresh, allergen-free air, then the AirMax8L would do you a whole lot of good.

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