For many artists buying an airbrush kit is a hassle. We are here to help you with your selection of the so many airbrush kits out there. The truth is if you value your art, you need the best airbrush kit. You do not want your artwork spoiled.

Whether you need one that sprays acrylic or enamel paints, you can find fantastic supplies here with us. The amazing thing is you do not need to be an artist to buy a high-quality airbrush. You can use it around the home to paint the surface of small objects, do illustrations on the wall, and do beautiful artwork. You can buy single action airbrushes that allow you to control the airflow. Alternatively, you can buy a dual action one to control the paint and airflow. If you prefer an airbrush with the ink bottle on top or the side, the siphon models, the one to buy while the gravity airbrush has the paint bottle installed on the head.

These types of configurations are high as it offers you less spillage of the ink or paint. So are you ready to buy yourself a kit check our top 10 best airbrush kits in 2019 for you to buy here?

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Best Airbrush Kits in 2019

10. MAS KIT-VC16- B22 Portable Mini Airbrush Kit

MAS KIT-VC16- B22 Portable Mini Airbrush Kit

For a compact airbrush kit, you need the MAS VC16-B22 portable set. The collection includes one airbrush, the air compressor, and a guide on how to use the airbrush. The airbrush is a gravity feed model that has a 0.3mm nozzle/needle and 1/3 –inch gravity cup. There is a 6ft air hose, and the compressor shuts off automatically when not used.


  • Airbrushes: One with a 0.3mm nozzle & needle and 1/3 –inch gravity cup
  • Compressor: Model C16 Black Mini Air Compressor with a 6ft braided air hose
  • Can Use: For a variety of art ventures
  • Extras: The compressor shuts off automatically and an air flow adjustment control with airbrush holder
  • Warranty: Airbrush 1-year and the compressor 2-years

9. Master Airbrush Professional 3 Airbrush System

Master Airbrush Professional 3 Airbrush System

For the mid-tier professional airbrush artist, the Master Airbrush 3 Airbrush System is ideal. You receive three airbrushes with a compressor that has an air filter, pressure regulator, and a holder for two brushes. To make your purchase even better you receive a US Art Supply paint kit with six acrylic colors, a color chart, user guide, and a reduce/cleaner. There is a mixing color wheel and the packages versatile to use with different projects.


  • Airbrushes: Three which two are gravity feed and the other is a siphon feed one
  • Compressor: Professional Air Compressor with pressure regulator
  • Can Use: For an assortment of art projects
  • Extras: Six US Art Supply Acrylic Paint, Airbrush Holder, Cleaning Brushes, Mixing Color Wheel and more
  • Warranty: Airbrush 1-year and the compressor 2-years

8. BBBuy Mini Airbrush Compressor Kit

BBBuy Mini Airbrush Compressor Kit

If you are a confectionary artist, you need the BBBuy airbrush kit. The set has a dual-action multipurpose gravity feed airbrush with a fluid cup and 0.4mm needle/nozzle. There is a convenient airbrush holder, and the min compressor is oil free. The portable design makes it able for you to take it with you anywhere. You can use it for cake decorations, tattoos, hobby painting and more.


  • Airbrushes: One dual-action gravity feed with a 0.4mm needle/nozzle
  • Compressor: Oil-free mini compressor
  • Can Use: For a range of art projects
  • Extras: Airbrush holder

7. Master Airbrush

Master Airbrush

For a versatile airbrush kit, you need the Master Airbrush. Use it to spray temporary tattoos; make cake decorating, motorcycle graphics, sunless tanning and more. Included you receive a dual-action airbrush, ⅓ oz gravity solution cup, 0.3mm needle, & nozzle, and the TC-20 air compressor. The compressor has a pressure regulator, water trap filter, gauge, and a 6-foot braided air hose with ⅛-inch fittings. The mounted holder holds up to two airbrushes, and you receive the manual and guide booklet included.


  • Kit: Premium
  • Airbrush Model G22 with a ⅓ oz gravity liquid beaker and 0.3mm needle & nozzle you can use to spray up to 1 ½ -inch broad patterns
  • Compressor: Model TC-20 Airbrush-Depot with 6-foot hose and fittings
  • Airbrush Model G25 with gravity feed dual-action airbrush with 1/16 oz gravity liquid cup and include a 0.2mm needle & nozzle with a spray up to 1-inch wide
  • Warranty: Airbrush 1-year and the compressor 2-years
  • Airbrush Model E91single-action siphon feed airbrush with a 0.8mm tip and a 2 – ¾ oz bottle with a ⅛-inch inlet

6. AW Professional Airbrush Kit

AW Professional Airbrush Kit

The AW Professional is a multi-purpose airbrush kit that is great to use for nail art and tattoos. The great thing is you receive a one-air compressor included with the airbrushes. The set comprises of a dual-action 0.3mm airbrush with a gravity fluid 7cc cup. There is also a 0.35mm siphon dual-action feed airbrush with a 5cc color cup and 22cc fluid bottle. To make the purchase even better you also get a 0.8mm single-action airbrush with external mix siphon feed airbrush with two by 22cc feed fluid bottles. As a bonus, they have included the compressor, four hairbrush holders, nozzle wrenches, 5ft air hose, eye droppers, storage cases, cleaning brush, air tank connectors, and instruction manual.


  • Airbrushes: Three
  • Built-in: Teflon O-ring for the nozzle cap
  • Compressor: 1/6HP Air Compressor
  • Can Make: Thin Lines and offers you Soft Gradual Changing Effects
  • You also receive a small nozzle wrench

5. Master Airbrush ABD KIT

Master Airbrush ABD KIT

Another professional airbrush kit from Master Airbrush is the ABD set. You can use it for any art project and is great for body art and face art. You receive a standard compressor included. The collection has everything you want to start making creative artwork. You receive a dual action airbrush with a 1/3 oz gravity solution cup and 0.3mm needle with the nozzle. Then there is the S68 dual-action siphon feed airbrush with a ¾ oz fluid bottle with 0.35mm needle/nozzle and includes a 1/6 oz color cup. To use with the compressor, they have added the E91 airbrush another single-action mix siphon feed airbrush.

The brush has a 0.8mm tip with 2 – ¾ oz siphon bottle with a ⅛-inch air inlet. The compressor is a single-piston model with gauge and regulator that has a two-year warranty. Compared to the previous Mater Airbrush kit this one includes a 16 color body art water-based face & body paint and airbrush holder that holds up to two brushes.


  • Airbrushes: Three with a how-to-airbrush manual
  • Built-in: Teflon O-ring for the nozzle cap
  • Compressor: 1/6HP Air Compressor with regulator, gauge, and water trap filter
  • Can Use It For Different Art Projects
  • Extras: 16 Color body and face water base paint
  • Warranty: Airbrush 1-year and the compressor 2-years

4. PointZero Professional Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit

PointZero Professional Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit

For the professional cake and cupcake baker, we have a fantastic airbrush kit here the PointZero set. You receive three professional-grade airbrushes the PZ-270, PZ-276, and PZ-230XS. You can decorate your bakes with patterns and fine detail. Included with the equipment you also receive the 1/5HP compressor. The airbrushes comprise of a single and dual-action function and suitable for beginners to use. To keep your brushes secure you receive a four-brush stand that has a swivel base. As an extra, you receive seven bonus airbrush guides and a chef master paint set with 12 different colors.


  • Airbrushes: Three comprising a single and dual-action function
  • Compressor: 1/5HP Air Compressor with comfortable carry handle
  • Can Use It For Baking
  • Extras: 12 Food coloring paint, seven airbrush guides, three braided air hoses, five cleaning brushes, paint pipettes and more

3. Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit

Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit

Another Master Airbrush kit is the dual-action spray airbrush with the compressor. You can use it for multiple applications and is easy to use. Included with the selection you receive two dual-action gravity feed airbrushes; one single-action mix siphon feed one, multipurpose airbrush, and the piston air compressor. There is a four-airbrush holder, and the 6ft air hose is long enough to reach your art project. There is also a 5ft Viny hose and storage cases for your airbrushes.


  • Airbrushes: Three comprising a single and dual-action function
  • Compressor: Piston Air Compressor with a four-airbrush holder and 6ft air hose with a 5ft Vinyl Hose
  • Can Use: For a variety of art ventures
  • Extras: Storage cases
  • Warranty: Airbrush 1-year and the compressor 2-years

2. KKmoon Airbrush Kit

KKmoon Airbrush Kit

Nothing compares to the KKmoon airbrush kit. You can use the art set to do spray painting to detailed artwork. You receive in the selection three airbrushes each offering you multipurpose use. There are two gravity feed and one single-action external siphon feed airbrush. The compressor has a water release valve with a carry handle. The needle on the airbrush is removable and has built-in Teflon O-rings.


  • Airbrushes: Three comprising two gravity dual-action and one siphon feed airbrush
  • Compressor: Designed with water release valve and comfortable carry handle
  • Can Use: For a selection of art ventures
  • Extras: Five-piece mini cleaning brush kit with user manual

1. Grex GCK01 Combo Airbrush Kit

Grex GCK01 Combo Airbrush Kit-airbrush kits

Now if you want a smart and professional beginners airbrush kit you need the Grex GCK01. The fantastic thing is the ¼ fl. oz. Gravity cups on the side you can adjust to different angles. Included you receive the Genesis XT double action pistol airbrush, 1/8HP compressor with two reservoirs of 7ml and 15ml and a side siphon 30ml bottle. You also receive a 30ml Private Stock & Trade acrylic color. There are a 6-foot braided air hose and a carrying case.


  • Airbrushes: One that accommodates both the 7ml and 15ml reservoirs and there is a 30ml siphon bottle included
  • Compressor: 1/8HP with a 6-foot braided air hose
  • Can Use: For a mixture of art projects
  • Extras: 30ml Acrylic color
  • Warranty: Airbrush 6-years and compressor 1-year

Final Thoughts

Whether you need to make, your motorcycle looks cool or want to decorate a cake you need the right equipment. With the best airbrush kit, you can achieve wonders. The selection reviewed will offer you fantastic performance. The best of all is each set designed for the beginner to professional airbrush artist.


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