In the home, you can find bad odors from the bathroom, bedroom right through to the kitchen. No matter what you do, using just any air freshener replaces one smell with another, especially if you smoke. You do not want to swap out one stench with a strong scent. Instead, you need one that gets rid of the stinky whiff hanging in the home. Select one of the top 10 best air fresheners for any living space and leave your house with a fresh fragrance in the air.

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10. Lysol Neutral Spray

Lysol Neutral Spray

Here we have a popular brand that helps fight bad odors. You receive the spray in a large can that is easy to use. For an ideal quick fix to eliminate bad odors this is the product to buy. In the canister, you get 16 ounces of combined ingredients to kill bacteria in the air that causes bad odor. When it comes to cigarette smoke, it actually absorbs the smell leaving your place smelling fresh. You can buy it in larger packs as well.


  • Kills bacteria that cause a foul odor in the air
  • You can buy it in ten fragrances
  • Great to use for different types of smells
  • Suitable to use on textiles
  • Available in a 16-ounce spray

9. Ozium Odor Eliminating Gel

Ozium Odor Eliminating Gel

If you need to deal with cigarette smoke in the home, you need the Ozium Gel. The air freshener deals with other stinky smells as well. The products affordable and you can place one in each room of the home. There is no need of spraying and all you need to do is twist the top to control the intensity of the fragrance. For using in a larger room the items available in an 8-ounce jar as well.


  • Can easily conceal the air freshener
  • Made with a gel base to last longer
  • Available in a larger 8-ounce jar for larger rooms
  • Designed with a twist top to control the fragrance intensity

8. Natural Magic Air Purifying Gel

Natural Magic Air Purifying Gel

Here we have another purifying air freshener gel from Natural Magic. They provide you with a bio-friendly item and inexpensive to buy. The smell is pleasant and available in six different scents. All you need to do is remove the cap from the jug and leave it standing in the room. The substance lasts up to 90 days and works well for garbage, food, and cigarette smells.


  • Helps neutralize a variety of odors
  • Available in a jar comprising gel and you can buy it in six fragrances
  • Lasts up to 90 days and easy to use by twisting off the cap on the jug

7. Gonzo Natural Air Purifier

Gonzo Natural Air Purifier

As you know, the best option to eliminate a smoke smell from a room is not to smoke in it. But if you have a guesthouse and do not want to show visitors who smoke away, you can get the Gonzo Natural Magic air purifier to help. It is an affordable solution and you can place it in the room and forget about it. The product lasts up to 90 days and there is no need of heating or plugging it in.


  • Lasts up to 90 days
  • Works to removed different odors in the air
  • Designed with a charcoal filter that absorbs bad smells
  • Convenient to use and affordable

6. Glade Aerosol Spray

Glade Aerosol Spray

Who does not know the Glade Brand? Everyone knows the famous air freshener sold in most stores. Here we have one of their hot sellers that has a pleasant fragrance and available at a reasonable price. You can buy it in an 8 fluid ounce canister that should last a month. The substance in the aerosol spray is safe and helps to neutralize different odors, including cigarette smell. The mist can even deal with your pet odor, by spraying it on the bedding. The fresh linen aroma is not overpowering and pleasant.


  • Has a pleasant scent and smells like fresh linen
  • Eliminates different odors
  • Available in an 8 fluid ounce aerosol spray
  • Does not stain fabric when sprayed

5. Natural Magic Fragrance Beads

Natural Magic Fragrance Beads

Compared to using an aerosol air freshener you can opt-in making use of the fragrance beads of Natural Magic to remove bad odors. You can even place it in your cupboards to freshen up clothes. You receive the product in a small jar filled with small beads. Pick from a citrus zest, linen, mist, or lavender scent as all of them have a delicate scent. The air purifier lasts up to 90 days and a container holds 12-ounces of the embedded beads.


  • Great for removing cigarette smoke and other stinky odors
  • Can use it standing in a room or place it inside the dresser or wardrobe
  • Available in different aromas and lasts up to 90 days

4. Febreze Air Freshener

Febreze Air Freshener

The air fresheners available in a small spray can and you can use it as needed. You can use it in the bathroom and place one in a room where people smoke on occasions. The problem is it neutralizes some odors and overpowers others with its own scent. For an inexpensive solution, you can buy it in packs of three and the fragrance is noticeable up to four hours.


  • Pleasant, fresh fragrance
  • Neutralizes bad odors instantly
  • Lasts up to four hours when sprayed
  • Available in multi-packs

3. Zep Commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator

Zep Commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator

For eliminating cigarette stink, you need something a little stronger in air fresheners to refresh the atmosphere. The Zep is a commercial product, but you can use it in the home. The items stronger than your typical aerosol one, but a bit oily and does leave stains on fabric. The substance is highly concentrated and removes any stench found in your living space.


  • Made with a highly concentrated formula
  • The scent lasts for quite a time and has a pleasant smell
  • Suitable for industrial use, but great to use in the home as well
  • Helps eliminate different bad smells

2. Biocide Systems Room Shocker

Biocide Systems Room Shocker

For one of the most efficient air fresheners, you need the Biocide Systems Room Shocker. The product is a bit more expensive but practical to use. With the quick, release formula, it fights smelly odors and purifies the air. The solution is Eco-friendly and safe to use around the home. You can buy it in a small canister and once removing the lid it starts to remove bad odors for up to four hours.


  • Suitable to use in the home and easy to use
  • You only need to add water and lasts for months
  • Eco-friendly ingredients and eliminates bad smells for up to four hours

1. Dial Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer

Dial Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer - air fresheners

For one of the best air fresheners that is efficient to use look at the Dial Renuzit product. You receive a pack of six trigger bottles filled with 13 fluid ounces and lasts for months. You can place a bottle in each room in the home to rid it of bad odors. The product keeps the air smelling fresh and lasts up to four hours. The product does not leave stains on the material you spray it on and you can use it on textiles.


  • Available in a pack of six odor neutralizers and inexpensive
  • Has a pleasant smell and safe to use
  • Does not leave stains

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a room spray, fragrance beads, or charcoal bag you can find the one on the top 10 best air fresheners list here with us. Each product helps eliminate different odors and leaves your place smelling refreshed. The substance use is environmentally friendly and safe for human and pets.