How to Add Books to Kindle | Different Ways You May Try!

How to Add Books to Kindle

Ultimate Guide to Add Books to Kindle

Kindle is a portable E-book reader device, developed and marketed by Amazon, and it runs on Android. Kindle allows users to browse, download, shop for, and read E-books and other digital materials such as magazines, newspapers, and blogs. It has a tablet-like design and is available in a variety of series such as the kindle original device, kindle touch, kindle keyboard, and Kindle DX. Kindle can hold more than a thousand EBooks, magazines, and other PDF materials and allows you to access them anywhere and anytime. It is a moving and portable library.

So, how then do you add your books and other collection on Kindle, you wonder? Well, this article will explore the various ways you can add a book to kindle and the step by step process you follow to do so. You can add a book to kindle directly from your Amazons account through USB transfer and sending to kindle through Email.

Sending to Kindle directly from Amazon

How to Add Books to Kindle

If you have already purchased a kindle book, magazine, or newspaper using an Amazon account, adding it will be an easy task. Follow these steps:

Step1: Visit the manager content and device page at and locate the item you want from the “your content section.”

Step2: Click the “actions button,” and then click “deliver.”

Step3: From the drop-down menu, choose the Kindle you want to send to and click “deliver.”

Step4: The item will automatically be delivered to your Kindle, and appear immediately on the home screen of the Kindle device as long as it is connected to the internet.

Sending to Kindle using USB

How to Add Books to Kindle

You can also transfer a variety of compatible content from your Windows or Mac computer to your Kindle device using a USB cable.

Step1: Visit the manager content and device page at and locate the item you want from the “your content section.”

Step2: Click the “actions button” and then click “download and transfer via USB.”

Step3: Choose the Kindle you want to send content to from the drop-down menu, and click the “download” button. It will prompt you to “open” or “save” file.

Step4: Choose the “save” option and select an easy-to-find location on your computer, e.g., desktop.

Step5: Once you save the file on your computer, connect your Kindle device to your computer using a USB cable. Your Kindle will appear in the same location as the external USB drivers usually appear.

Step6: Open the kindle device on your computer. You may want to unlock your kindle device before it can be opened on your computer.

Step 7: Move the kindle content (saved on the desktop location on your computer) to the documents folder on your kindle device. Be sure to remove your kindle device from the machine safely. The book has been successfully moved to your Kindle and will appear on the download tab, which can be accessed by selecting “my library” on the home screen of your kindle device.

Sending to kindle through Email

How to Add Books to Kindle

Sending a book to kindle through Email is pretty much straight forward. It is just like sending a PDF attachment to a unique address that Amazon gave you. Here are the steps.

Step 1: To access this unique email address, you go to the main screen of your kindle device and click the three little dots on the top right-hand side, and click on the “settings” option.

Step 2: From the pulled list, choose “my account,” which will appear at the very bottom, and you will find an email address. This is the unique address that you will use.

Step 3: Go back to your computer and open your Gmail account, click on “compose a new email,” use the Email from your kindle device as the “send to” address.

Step 4: Add the book that you wish to send to kindle as an attachment file and click on “send.” After submitting, the book will automatically appear on the home screen of the Kindle device.

Sending a book to kindle is an easy task but can be cumbersome to those who are new on Kindle and aren’t familiar with how it works. You can consider using any of the above three methods to add a book or any PDF material to your kindle device and enjoy your library anywhere and at any time.

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