Do you need a luxury window covering for your home? Whether it is in the living room, bedroom, or family room we have the top 10 best 96-inch curtains in 2019 available here for you. Using darkening curtains can help keep your home cool in the summer and keep heat in during the colder winter months.

Not only do they make your home look stylish you can brighten up the home with heavy-duty fabric and lively patterns. Add some flair to every part of the home with these 96-inch curtains. Whether you need a good night, sleep or want to cut down on noise from outside add some draping to the home and make this possible.

Here is our top selection to bring some elegance into your home.

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Best 96-inch Curtains for Your Room In 2019

Top Best 96-Inch Curtains For Your Home Appliances!

10. HLC.ME Efficient Blackout Curtains

HLC.ME Efficient Blackout Curtains

Every bedroom needs to look stylish and the best way to do this is with the HLC.ME Efficient Blackout Curtains. Each panel measures 38-inches wide, is 96-inches in length, and comprise a set of two. The drapes are made of polyester material with a gorgeous printing in light gray. Each panel comprises of six brushed nickel grommets making it easier to hang. The curtains are perfect to block out light and makes the room darker with the triple weave improvement. The great news is the curtains insulated to keep heat or cold out. To make cleaning easier you can throw them in the washing machine for washing so no need of sending them to the dry clean or washing by hand.

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  • Benefits: Blocks out sunlight, energy efficient, stylish with geometric lattice pattern, privacy
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Design: Printed tones on both sets with six brushed nickel grommets with a triple weave to insulate light and noise
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measures: 38 (W) x 96-inch (L)

9. Ombre Sheer Elegant Drapes

Ombre Sheer Elegant Drapes

If you have wide windows in the home and need the best 96-inch curtains for your home, choose the Ombre two-panel drape. These curtains offer you a natural, elegantly styled grayish color and measures 52-inches wide. The Indigo Ombre color stands out and makes your room look modern. The set includes two window panels, grommet top and eight-nickel grommets with two adjustable tiebacks. The curtains are made of rich linen with no chemical adding and are formaldehyde-free. Wash the drapes in the machine and the manufacturer backs the product with an eight-year quality warranty.

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  • Benefits: Sold per pair and include two window panels, grommet top hang, eight nickel grommets, two adjustable tiebacks
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Color: Indigo Ombre
  • Design: Offers a premium soft touch with a drape effect to help reduce light, energy, noise, and has a two-tone plum/taupe/gray/indigo effect
  • Material: Linen Blended
  • Measures: 52 (W) x 96-inch (L)
  • Quality Warranty: 8-years

8. H.Versailtex Insulated Curtains

H.Versailtex Insulated Curtains

If you are more into vintage floral patterns, you will be pleased with the H.Versailtex insulated curtains. The drapes have a polyester blend and measure 52-inches wide with a 96-inch length. The color is floral available in sage and brown. You can buy the curtains per set and includes two panels with eight antique metal grommets. The curtains offer you a natural blackout with the triple weave fabric and have no chemical coating. The material is soft and smooth suitable to use in bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, and more.

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  • Benefits: Room darkening, noise reducing, energy saving, thermally insulated, breathable, and temperature balanced
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Color: Printed Floral
  • Design: Sold per set and include two panels, eight antique metal grommets, with a motif pattern
  • Material: Polyester Blend
  • Measures: Panels 52 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)
  • Quality Warranty: 8-years

7. Turquoize Solid Blackout Curtains

Turquoize Solid Blackout Curtains

The Turquoize solid blackout curtains have a polyester design available in Ivory and thermal insulated. The set includes two panels and measures 52-inches wide and has a length of 96-inches. The curtains itself has a 104-inch width with a 96-inch length. These great 96-inch curtains have eight matching grommets you can use to hang from standard to a decorative draping rod. The curtains have a velvety touch and made by OEKO-TEX standards to block out light and ECO-friendly.

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  • Benefits: Natural blackout, ECO-friendly, breathable, airy, temperature balance, multiple color shades
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Color: Multiple colors Front and Back
  • Design: Include two panels, eight matching grommets, velvet hand feel, versatile to use in any room, not lined
  • Material: OEKO-TEX
  • Measures: Panels 52 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)
  • Quality Warranty: 8-years

6. H.Versailtex Insulated Curtains

H.Versailtex Insulated Curtains

Another H.Versailtex f 96-inch curtain is the thermal insulated taupe and brown Geo pattern set. The curtains made of a polyester blend and measures 104-inches wide with a length of 96-inches. The set includes two panels and each panel has eight antique copper grommets. For a natural blackout in the room, the triple weave not only blocks out light, but also offers you breathable and airy panels. With the classic design, you can decorate any room in the home and it is machine washable.

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  • Benefits: Blocks out sunlight, ECO-friendly, multiple uses, energy saving, privacy, and noise reduction
  • Care: Machine washable
  • Color: Taupe and Brown Geo Pattern
  • Design: Include two panels and eight copper grommets with no chemical coating
  • Material: Polyester Blend
  • Measures: Panels 52 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)
  • Quality Warranty: 8-years

5. Exclusive Loha Curtains

Exclusive Loha Curtains

If you want a perfect set of 96-inch curtains for your bedroom, family room or even the dining room, look no further than the Exclusive Loha set. The drapes have a polyester structure and available in a winter white shade. With the rich, textured linen look, your room will look luxurious with this neutral color fabric. Included with the set you receive two curtain panels with eight matte silver grommets. The only difference is that you need to hand wash these curtains compared to our previous curtain sets.

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  • Benefits: Ready-made, classic style, multiple colors available, versatile to use
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Color: Winter White
  • Design: Grommet top window curtain with soft woven construction and constructed with eight silver grommets per panel
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measures: Panels 52 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 108 (W) x 96-inch (L)

4. H.Versailtex Liner Window Draperies

H.Versailtex Liner Window Draperies

If you need magic, blackout curtains choose the H.Versailtex Liner window draperies here. The navy color curtains, lined and constructed with two layers of fabric. The faux silk on the face side looks amazing and for blocking out light, it has a black liner backing. The curtains are durable and made by OEKO-TEX standards. You received a natural, airy, non-chemical, breathable set of curtains to add some finesse to your home.

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  • Benefits: Blocks out sunlight, UV ray lined, airy, non-chemical, breathable and versatile to use
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Color: Navy
  • Design: Lined with a medium weight with a soft hand feeling and the face side consists of faux silk fabric while the backing material is a natural microfiber fabric
  • Included: Two panels and eight nickel grommets
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measures: Panels 52 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)
  • Quality Warranty: 8-years

3. FlamingoP Blackout Drapes

FlamingoP Blackout Drapes

For a faux silk satin style to add to your bedroom, choose the FlamingoP 96-inch curtains. The curtains made of polyester and have two panels per package available in a gray color. The liners are sewn in black material to help keep sunlight out and add privacy to any home. The curtains faux silk thermal insulated and blocks out noise as well. In the 3-inch header, there are eight grommets sewn in making them easier to hang. Another benefit is you can throw them in the washing machine or have them dry clean.

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  • Benefits: Available in vibrant colors, versatile to use, blocks out light, reduces noise
  • Care: Machine wash
  • Color: Gray
  • Design: Two thick layers with grommets included and has a black liner and thermal insulated
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measures: Panels 52 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)

2. Half Price Drapes

Half Price Drapes

The Half Price Drapes might be a bit more expensive than our previous 96-inch curtains, but has an astounding amber gold color. The sets sold per panel and made of 100% polyester with a velvet face with plush blackout lining. The drapes offer a natural feel with amazing depth in any home. The unique design includes a three-pole pocket with a hook belt and back tabs. Unfortunately, you can only have this set dry clean and not wash it by hand or machine.

VPCH-140805-96 Signature Blackout Velvet Curtain,Amber Gold,50 X 96
Exclusive Fabrics & Furnishings - Kitchen

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  • Benefits: Keeps light out and offers ultimate insulation
  • Care: Dry clean
  • Color: Amber Gold
  • Design: Velvet touch with a natural feel and finished with eight nickel grommets
  • Material: Poly Velvet and Polyester Blackout Thermal Lining
  • Measures: Panels 50 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)

1. Exclusive Home Augustus Grommet Curtains

Exclusive Home Augustus Grommet Curtains-96-inch Curtains

For the best 96-inch curtains to hang in your home Exclusive Home offers you the Augustus Grommet Curtain set. The off-white color displays well in any room to fit in with your furniture and fixtures. The curtain is made of 100% cotton and offers you a rich metallic medallion pattern printed on the luxury linen. You receive two curtain panels with eight grommets per panel. For the best care, you need to spot clean and hand washes the curtains and iron with a low heat.

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  • Benefits: Ready-made, available in different sizes, versatile to use, keeps bright light out
  • Care: Spot clean and hand wash
  • Color: Off-white and printed
  • Design: Cotton with printed design, offering you a trendy natural feel for any room in the house
  • Material: Cotton
  • Measures: Panels 50 (W) x 96-inch (L) and Curtains 104 (W) x 96-inch (L)

Why You Should Buy 96-inch Curtains?

Top 96-Inch Curtains in 2019 | Modernize Your Home With These Now!

What Are The Benefits Of Using 96-inch Curtains?

There are quite a number of reasons as to why you should consider using curtains in your home. Their benefits are many and it would be great if you started reaping them. They include:

Insulate noise

A noisy neighborhood can be irritating. That’s where curtains come in. They not only prevent the outside noise from entering but also ensures people don’t get to hear what you are discussing while inside.

Guarantee good night’s sleep

Some people can’t sleep comfortably if there is light entering their room. Fortunately, blackout curtains see to it that the above doesn’t happen. As a result, the light-sensitive sleepers get to enjoy a nice sleep. That includes morning sleep since sun rays can’t penetrate.

Control your room’ temperature

Come winter, you probably need to consider 96-inch curtains to keep warm. That’s because they will prevent heat loss. Most of them reduce heat loss by about 50%. A high recommendation is the linen curtains. Yo get to avoid extra heating or cooling cost.

Add an extra space

If you have had an outdoor space, it is easy to make it a room with the help of curtains. Therefore, you will be in a position to use it regardless of the weather and season. Equally important, you will add space.

Bar direct sunlight

The dangers of direct sunshine including sunburns and exposure to harmful UV rays are harsh. That’s why you should look for curtains to stop them from getting into your house. In addition to you, they will also protect your furniture from direct sunlight which can affect its longevity. Equally important, glare will be a thing of the past.

The rest of the benefits lies in the sole importance of the existence of 96-inch curtains. Read on for more.

Why do we need a 96-inch curtain?
Top 96-Inch Curtains in 2019 | Modernize Your Home With These Now!

One will buy 96-inch curtains for a number of reasons. The purpose of buying a curtain is a great distributor when it comes to the one that you will settle for eventually. That’s why you need to answer this one question. Why do you need to buy 96-inch curtains? Here are some possible answers.


If you want your kitchen, bedroom or living room to look good, buying curtains is a great step. All that you have to do is identify the style that you need to achieve and then look for curtains that will help in achieving that. Some curtains also come with patterns as well as prints that match a certain style. Ensure that what you take home either matches or complements the existing colors as well. Therefore, they can help in taking your home décor to a whole new level.


Some neighbors are quite nosy. Fortunately, 96-inch curtains can come in handy to ensure that they don’t get their way. All that you have to do is to buy those that will not give them that luxury. Preferably, go for curtains that are either layered or of opaque materials. As much as the light and translucent ones are fashionable, don’t go for them if what you are looking for is privacy.


From rainfall to drafts to light, there are a million and one elements that 96-inch curtains can guard you against. In fact, it is the very first thing that led to the invention of curtains. So, see to it that you use curtains to ensure that dust and other harmful particles don’t find their way into your room. The good thing is that you don’t have to open your windows and draw curtains for light. That’s because there are some that allow considerable light into your house.

How Many Types of fabric can a 96-inch Curtain Of?

Top 96-Inch Curtains in 2019 | Modernize Your Home With These Now!

When it comes to 96-inch curtains, expect a number of fabric choices. Check them out.


The versatility of this material is incredible. That is while it is not only popular but also ideal for many different areas. Given its semi-sheer nature, the material allows ample light to enter your room and doesn’t compromise your privacy in the process. For a complete window treatment, they are usually layered with other materials. You need not worry because they are also easy to clean.


The linen 96-inch curtains will balance the light that enters and privacy perfectly. They also offer a casual look. Cleaning is not usually easy due to that fact that it literally attracts dust. However, they are incredible if you don’t live in dusty environments.


This type comes in handy if you have a tight budget. That’s because they are relatively cheap to produce and consequently less expensive. They not only look but also feel like natural fabrics. Equally important, they are cheap.


The similarity between burlap and linen when it comes to the look and texture is indisputable. However, this is heavier than linen. It is ideal for casual styles since it is both casual and plain. The privacy it offers is at another level. In fact, it allows little or no light to enter when closed. Cleaning the material is also a breeze.


If your kitchen, living room or any other room needs a light, bright and airy feel, consider the lace 96-inch curtains. Being a sheer fabric, it will allow a lot of light to enter. It also doesn’t offer much privacy.


The fact that the material is not only beautiful but also luxurious makes it perfect for the classic style. The material also comes in different thicknesses. That determines the amount of light that will enter your room. Nevertheless, you won’t have an easy time cleaning it.


Are you a light-sensitive sleeper? If the answer is a resounding yes, think about velvet 96-inch curtains. The curtain also offers the best privacy. It is good to note that it also reduces outside noise. With that, it also hard to clean.

What Kind Of Styles Do 96-Inch Curtains Offer?

Top 96-Inch Curtains in 2019 | Modernize Your Home With These Now!

There are a number of styles as far as 96-inch curtains are concerned. Usually, one should choose them depending on the style of the rooms that need these particular curtains. Based on that, it would be easy to choose the most appropriate styles. Here is a discussion of the various styles of the 96-inch curtains.

Modern style

Basically, everything about the modern style is usually at another level. It is for that and many other reasons that you should ensure that the curtains you settle for rises up to the occasion. A good way of achieving that is looking for modern style 96-inch curtains. Their material is usually ec0-friendly. Mostly, the materials include metal too. The pattern is also classy. Either, you get bold patterns combined with clear lines or solid colors. The latter is quite common. Another option is the abstract elements. Make sure that what you settle for complements the general house design.

Contemporary style

These are classic styles that are often inspired by nature. That would explain why they are characterized by the likes of earthy tones as well as shades of grey. If your current room needs some lighting, there are bright and bold colors available in the market. The good thing about this style is the fact they look sophisticated and stylish. Their rich textures are another plus. So, if your rooms need 96-inch curtains of this style you better act accordingly.

Classic style

Unlike the contemporary style, the classic one is rather universal. As a matter of fact, it is the most common one when it comes to 96-inch colors and the rest. For full window treatments, it is advisable to settle for various accessories including valances. That way, you can rest assured that your look will always look classic and timeless. So, are you looking for a classical theme? Is what you are looking for a bohemian style or country style? If you are nodding in response, this is the way to go.

Casual style

Last but not least, we have a casual style. As the name suggests, it is appropriate for areas that don’t demand seriousness. That includes kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. They rarely go with valance. Instead, they come with tab top attachments or a grommet and eyelet.

What Kind Of Patterns Do You Want Your 96-Inch Curtains To Be?

Top 96-Inch Curtains in 2019 | Modernize Your Home With These Now!

Various homes and rooms demand different colors as well as styles. One good way to facilitate that is to ensure that you find curtains that match what you are looking for. Fortunately, curtains come in various sizes, colors, and patterns. For that reason, you are at liberty to choose what you think will match your needs to the letter.

In addition to that, you can ask the tailor to customize them so that they can be in a style that you want them to be in perfectly. All you have to do is to identify a theme that is most suitable. Once you do that, then find curtains with appropriate patterns. Do you feel that you need accent 96-inch curtains? Are you looking for curtains that will precisely enhance the décor of your room especially the colors? Regardless of what you are looking for, the market has you covered.

The list of patterns is quite long. You can go for paisley, toile, checks and plaid, stripes and floral. Usually, they are common in both contemporary and classic 96-inch curtains. Other options include graphic prints, geometric prints, dots as well as chevron just but to mention a few. On the other hand, this set of patterns is popular with casual 96-inch curtains.

Another great option is to go for solid colors. They will do your modern-looking room the justice that it deserves, no doubt.

Final Thoughts

With our diligently 96-inch curtain list, you get the best drapes you can buy on the market in 2019. The great thing is you can choose your preferred style and color. What makes it unique is they are ready-made so no need of doing any sewing.

The will help to darken your room and provide you with thermal insulation during the cold months and summer. They filter out the light and your room will appear darker even with the light front face. With the multiple layers, manufacturers use advanced technology to make them heavy and last longer.

No matter what your needs are, we hope you find the perfect set right here on our list.

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