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Best 24 Inches TV in 2021 | With Best Functions

24 Inches TV

Top 10 Best 24 Inches TV in 2021

Thus, you will have customers ready to opt for things that can perform the duties of two. A major part of this 24 inches TV has a function that supports DVD player.

10. Proscan LED TV-DVD Combo

  • Without its stand, it measures 22.50 x 13.88 x 3.0 TV
  • It Allows RF, audio and video connector
  • Allows HDMI

This particular is capable of holding you bound through the entertainment you have always wanted. Coming with a five-pound weight, you are bound to enjoy more than you have booked for.

Despite not having smart functions, it still has a piece of HDMI allowance. Also, you can easily connect VGA to it. Its other Features include the allowance for RF, Audio and video connector, PC audio connection as well as a headphone connection

9. Sceptre 24

  • It has a USB port that would allow you to watch a slideshow.
  • Comes with a VESA wall mount

This is another HDTV that has an allowance for DVDs. You read that right. It comes with a built-in DVD player that gives you the chance to enjoy watching DVDs without purchasing a DVD player. All you need is the all-function control, which has been designed with all the necessary Features that both a TV and DVD would need.

Also, it comes with an MHL (Mobile High-Definition link) that enables the transfer of the media on your mobile device to the TV, including movies, TV show, music, and all other versions of media.

8. Toshiba 24 SLV

  • It comes with an auto view ambient light sensor
  • Some of the other elements are the widgets to connect to external sources and also its ability to serve as a DVD player.

This also comes with a built-in DVD player. It has different versions and thus has both LED and LCD versions of the panel type. Not only that, the resolution is 720p and 1080p. The 60Hz frame rate goes well with the DynaLight backlight control.

You might also consider that it is in the CineSpeed LCD panel. Despite not having an extra 3D function for all, some have a passive 3D effect while the others have Dynamic (active) 3D. Yet, these still allow Trivector conversions



• You can pick from any of the sound quality: Standard, dynamic, soft

• You can also choose from any of the following equalizer type: Off, rock, pop, Jazz or User

Here is another 720p that comes with a built-in DVD. Its 1000:1 contrast ration makes it a top-notch item to watch, especially with the presence of 2 HDMI.

It also comes with component, composite, and VGA. If you have this, you are sure to get other things like PC audio and several audio outputs, including earphones and digital audio coaxial.

6. Pyle LED TV


• You can stream audio on it.

• Its function is capable of working well with both Max and PC

This incredibly beautiful TV with LED HI res widescreen monitor comes with HDMI cable RCA input. You would find it with fascinating stereo speakers. Easy to mount on the wall, you will enjoy the several perks that come with it, including the sleep timer function.

5. Supersonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV


• The creators have eliminated the noise interference’s

• You get to watch crisp and clear images.

This is also a great TV that comes with several beautiful Features like a DVD player with HDMI. It supports USB, SD, and AC/DC input. This high-resolution TV, alongside its digital noise reduction, would give you a balanced color view.

You should also know that the SD cards can be easily used to enjoy your favorite music and photos and still be controlled like the other functions of the TV.

4. Westinghouse 24 Inch LED TV


• It comes with HDMI, USB, VGA, and all other digital connectivity.

• You can block content on their ratings and purview others.

With the numerous build-in DVD player TV available in the market, this comes out a unique version. Its resolution is 720p, which can be used to broadcast brilliant pictures. Thus, you can place them anywhere, including your kitchen and your children’s room.

It comes fully equipped for any of the connections you might need to get media off your gadgets.

3. Axess 24 Inch TV


• It comes with a 1920×1080 full HD resolution.

• Has built- DVD player

You have here another 24 inch Tv that has gotten itself a good rating.

Here is a TV with USB inputs and several other inputs, including HDMI and VGA that would enable you to enjoy the best TV experience.

Its sleek body is packed full with enough Features that will make it an exciting find for you.


2. Naxa Electronics HD Class Led TV

  •  It comes with two USB
  •  And Uses AC 100-240V
  •  A VESA 100mm x 100mm wall mount

 This is one led TV that comes with both built-in soundbars and DVD player. Its ability to play things goes beyond just DVD alone. With its native 720p HD (1366 x768), you are assured of getting a qualitative entertainment.

Its single remote can carter for both the TV and the DVD

1. LG Electronics 24 Smart LED TV

  • WiDi enabled screen
  • Wide winding range
  • Supports HDMI

A Miracast and WiDi enabled screen sharing TV is here at your disposal. You are afforded a wide winding range and would enjoy using it with your HDMI.

Making the right decision in any situation is always the best issue. However, when these decisions have been highlighted for you, then you are in luck. These top 24 inches will go a long way in streamlining your decision. Make the right connection.

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